Vladimir Putin is getting weak day by day suddenly his health deteriorates again

Amit Kumar Jha
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin Health Update: Vladimir Putin has now been given 'immediate medical aid' after suffering from a mysterious illness. It is being speculated that he has become very weak.

Vladimir Putin Health Update: In the midst of the Russia-Ukraine war, it is being said that Vladimir fell ill while talking to his military chiefs. As soon as he got up from his desk after a virtual meeting of about 90 minutes, he started feeling very ill and started feeling dizzy due to weakness. After this, he has been kept under the supervision of doctors. 

Emergency medical care needed

According to the news published in The Sun, it has been claimed on the General SVR channel on the messaging app Telegram that Putin's insiders have made this disclosure about his deteriorating health. The news said Putin needed "immediate medical help" from doctors. The channel said that this sudden dizziness was a danger signal for him. After which many of their meetings were postponed. 

cancer news already 

The General SVR channel has repeatedly claimed about Putin's health problems in the past. In which it was said that he has cancer and Parkinson's disease which has now reached the final stage. The channel says that all these claims are based on internal intelligence, but it is also true that they are impossible to verify, but rumors about the health of the Russian president in the West keep popping up.

visible changes in face 

Recent photos show Putin's face flushed, while critics say he holds onto the edge of a desk during public appearances to hide his attack of the disease.