Ajay Maken caught in the turn of 88... the maths of Karthikeya's victory

Khushbu Kumari Jha
Haryana Rajya Sabha election
Haryana Rajya Sabha election

For the victory in the Rajya Sabha elections in Haryana, the Congress was preparing for several days. They were also sent to Raipur to save the MLAs from greed but in the end Kuldeep Bishnoi left the party and Ajay Maken was defeated.

BJP's Krishan Lal Panwar and BJP-JJP supported independent candidate Karthikeya Sharma were declared winners on two Rajya Sabha seats in Haryana late on Friday night. Congress veteran Ajay Maken was defeated. Congress made all efforts to avoid infighting but they were defeated by one vote.

Counting of votes was to begin at 5 o'clock after voting on Friday, but JJP leaders and independent candidate Karthikeya Sharma had demanded the commission to declare illegal the votes of two Congress MLAs Kiran Choudhary and Bibi Batra. In support of Karthikeya, the BJP and the Congress from the other side reached the Election Commission. After this, the events changed rapidly and late night Congress had to face defeat.

Total 89 votes cast

Total votes cast in Haryana Rajya Sabha elections were 89. Of these, 88 valid votes were found. Panwar needed 31 votes to win while Congress 30 votes. If one vote of Congress was canceled, 29 were left. While Karthikeya got 28 votes, but due to the number of valid votes being 88, he won due to Krishan Lal Panwar getting 1.66 percent of the first preference votes to Karthikeya. Congress's polling agent Bibi Batra said - Kuldeep Bishnoi did not vote for the party's candidate. This led to the defeat of Maken. Had he voted for the Congress candidate, we would have definitely won.

Six independent MLAs voted for Panwar and 15 BJP MLAs voted for Kartikeya.

In the Haryana Rajya Sabha elections, there was a big deal between the BJP and the independent MLAs. Six independent MLAs voted for BJP candidate Krishan Lal Panwar, while 15 BJP MLAs voted in favor of independent candidate Kartikeya Sharma. Reliable sources claim that all this was done so that allegations of horse-trading could not be leveled against the independent MLAs.

It is being told that earlier it was decided that 31 BJP MLAs would vote for the BJP candidate. But in the meeting at Sukhvilas Hotel, the independent MLAs were adamant that they would vote for Krishan Lal Panwar and not independent Karthikeya Sharma. After a meeting with the high officials late night, BJP changed its strategy and decided that 15 BJP MLAs would vote for independent Kartikeya and except Balraj Kundu, 6 independent MLAs would vote for BJP candidate Krishan Lal Panwar. 

An independent MLA told that he had told CM Manohar Lal that he is with the BJP, but if he votes for an independent MLA, he may face charges of horse-trading. That's why they will vote for BJP and not an independent candidate. After this meeting BJP changed its strategy.