Ranchi Violence: Police in action after the ruckus in Ranchi, case registered against 20 nominated

Pankaj Prasad
Ranchi Violence
Ranchi Violence

In Ranchi's Main Road on Friday, including stone pelting, arson, firing and vandalism, the police have made a total of nine separate FIRs till late Saturday night.

On the complaint of CO Amit Bhagat, on the case of violence in the capital Ranchi, more than 20 people have been named and eight to ten thousand unknowns have been made accused. While an FIR has been registered against 9 people. In this case, the police is interrogating many people by taking them into custody. On this dispute, three FIRs have been registered in Daily Market police station, one in Hindpiri police station and five in Lower Bazar police station. The first FIR has been registered in Daily Market police station on the complaint of city CO Amit Bhagat regarding the main road incident.

According to the FIR lodged, no procession was allowed. Despite this, a large number of people started coming towards the Daily Market in procession. The police administration tried to stop them near the Urdu library, but the miscreants started scuffles and scuffles with the police. Police tried to stop again near Daily Market. But, the mob started firing and pelting stones at the police. Many policemen and officials got injured due to this.

After this the police used force. Even after this, the crowd did not agree, after which the police fired on the miscreants for self-defense. After this the people involved in the crowd started running here and there. On the complaint of the CO, more than 20 people have been named and eight to ten thousand unknowns have been made accused in the case.

Names of those taken into custody not disclosed:

After the FIR, the police have started raids in the concerned area. Police have detained some people for questioning. To identify the accused, the police is trying to identify the accused on the basis of CCTV footage of various places located on the main road and videos and other information received from various sources. Police is also collecting technical evidence.

FIR of attack on Bihar minister's car

The second FIR was also lodged in the Daily Market on the complaint of city CO Amit Bhagat. This FIR has been made regarding vandalism in religious places located on the main road. In addition to the nominated, thousands of unknown have been made accused. The third FIR was registered in the Daily Market police station against unknown people in connection with the attack on the vehicle of Bihar Road Construction Minister Nitin Naveen. The FIR was based on the e-mail sent by the minister to the DGP. Five FIRs have also been lodged in the Lower Bazar police station in the matter. One FIR has been lodged on behalf of the police and four on behalf of the common people. However, the police is refraining from sharing the information.

Father's allegation, police shot Sahil

In the case of death of Sahil Ansari (19), a resident of Chishtia Nagar Guddi of the Lower Bazar police station area, his father Mohd Afzal has lodged an FIR at Daily Market police station on Saturday. It has been said that the policeman whose son Sahil died due to bullet injuries, he should be identified and action should be taken against him.

Ma Afzal told that his son had gone to the daily market on Friday. Suddenly people started running here and there in the chaos. When the police opened fire, Sahil started running from there. The police shot in the stomach of the son, some people took him to the hospital for treatment, where he died.

Case registered against 500 unknown in Hindpiri police station

An FIR has been registered on the complaint of the Sub-Inspector posted at Hindpiri police station regarding the incident near Ekra Masjid under Hindpiri police station area. In the FIR, apart from 500 unknown people, four-five named people have been made accused.