Hearing on the petition to increase the electricity rate by 10 percent in Bihar

Pankaj Prasad
increase electricity rate
increase electricity rate

The petition to increase the electricity rate by 10 percent in Bihar will be heard again.

The Bihar Electricity Regulatory Commission has accepted the review petition filed by the power companies again in the Bihar Electricity Regulatory Commission regarding the demand to increase the electricity rate by about 10%. In such a situation, interested persons or organizations can register their comments, suggestions, objections in front of the secretary of the Bihar Electricity Regulatory Commission, located at Vidyut Bhawan, till 5 pm on July 5. In this case, the next hearing in the court room of the Commission will be held on July 12, 2022 at 11.30 am. If everything is normal, then a decision can also be taken on the petition on this day.

Up to five common people will be able to give suggestions and objections

Electricity Regulatory Commission chairman Shishir Sinha and member SC Chaurasia have directed both the power supply companies South Bihar Power Distribution and North Bihar Power Distribution Company to publish the petition widely in various newspapers. Also, invite comments, suggestions and objections from the general public and stakeholders by uploading the same on the official website of the company.

The power company filed a review petition saying that the facts were missing

After the decision on the power tariff petition in March, the power companies filed a review petition. The company said that many facts have been omitted from the Regulatory Commission while passing the decision on the electricity rate. Electricity rates should be increased only on the basis of those missing facts. According to officials, the regulatory commission in its decision has not calculated the grant of 1200 crores received by the state government, due to which the company's income has increased.

the burden will increase

If this is included, the company will be in loss. Similarly, in case of power crisis, the company has supplied electricity to the people by purchasing it at a price much higher than the market cost. This has also been ignored by the commission. The commission has given the power rate on the basis of 15% loss to the company, whereas in the RDSS scheme of the center, Bihar has to keep a loss of up to 19.50%.

Commission may adjust the amount in the coming financial year

According to sources, if the regulatory commission wants, after hearing the review petition, it can also adjust that amount in the coming financial year. In the earlier years, once the regulatory commission had heard the petition of the power company on the instructions of Aptel. But that year, while not increasing the electricity rates, the company was allowed to spend an additional amount.

HT customers get a discount on electricity consumption more than 70% of the load

Patna. Bihar Electricity Regulatory Commission has amended for the second time the exemption under load factor range for industrial consumers in the fixed electricity rate for the financial year 2022-23. Under this, consumers having Industrial High tension (HT) connection, the more electricity they spend for the fixed load, the more discount they will get per unit in bill payment. Now, such customers will get 10 paise per unit for electricity consumption up to 30 to 50% of the load in the billing month, 20 paise per unit for 50 to 70% of the load and 30 paise per unit if electricity is spent above 70%. Will get

Late payment surcharge will not be applicable on arrears

Consumers having Normal Hightation (HT) connection will continue to get 30 paise per unit discount on electricity consumption of 60% or more of the load. Along with this, the decision to give 15 paise per unit to oxygen manufacturers having industrial HT connection for spending 65 to 75% of the load and 25 paise per unit for spending more than 75% has been kept as before. If the HT consumer does not pay the electricity bill in full within the grace period of 10 days after the date stipulated in the bill, then DPS (Delayed Payment Surcharge) of 1.5 percent or part thereof will be payable every month on the outstanding principal amount of the bill. No DPS charge will be levied on DPS arrears. For this, energy charges for the month, balance amount of energy charges and DPS will be shown separately in the bill.