Cyber criminals made fake ID of Gumla DC, case registered, sent fake messages

Pankaj Prasad
fake ID created of Gumla DC
fake ID created of Gumla DC

Cybercriminals have demanded money from the officials by creating a fake ID of Gumla DC Sushant Gaurav.

These days cyber criminals in Gumla are trying to entice them in their trap by sending fake messages. Cybercriminals are demanding money from the officials by creating fake IDs in the name of Gumla DC Sushant Gaurav. As soon as the information was received, the investigation has intensified by registering a case in the police station. On the other hand, the electricity consumers of the district have also been asked to submit the bills by sending fake electricity bills. Along with this, a warning has been given to cut the connection if the bill is not deposited.

Money being sought by making fake ID in the name of Gumla DC

An FIR has been registered in the police station in the matter of making a fake ID of Gumla DC Sushant Gaurav. The police is looking for the fake ID maker by registering a case. In the matter of being misled by creating a fake ID in WhatsApp, District Secret Branch Officer-in-Charge Siddharth Shankar Chaudhary has lodged an FIR in Gumla police station against the holder of unknown mobile number 7814321172. In the FIR lodged, it has been said that by creating a fake ID on WhatsApp by the said mobile holder in the name of Gumla DC, an attempt is being made to cheat money from many officials under Gumla district through a message. Whose purpose is to tarnish the image of Gumla DC. A demand has been made to take action as per rules by registering a case against the holder of the above mobile number.

Cyber ​​criminals warn to cut electricity connection

Cyber ​​criminals are sending fake messages to electricity consumers of Gumla district asking them to deposit electricity bills. Otherwise, a warning is being given to cut the electricity connection. For this cyber criminals have issued two mobile numbers. Electricity consumers are being asked to call this number immediately. This wire of cyber criminals is connected with the state of Odisha.

Some consumers fall in the trap of cyber criminals

The officials of the Electricity Department, Gumla called the number issued by the cybercriminal. In which one number is coming in the name of Electricity Mission, Odisha and the second number is Kavita. It is being told that some people of Gumla have fallen prey to cyber criminals. But, no one has complained about this in the police station. Some people have complained about it only verbally.

Electricity department alerted consumers

Let us inform here that even a few months ago, cybercriminals had done such an act, but at that time people were saved from cheating due to the activeness of the electricity department. In this regard, Executive Engineer Sushil Bhagat said that no such message has been issued by the Electricity Department, Gumla. Therefore, electricity consumers should beware of this type of message.