Saif Ali Khan lost consciousness after seeing 13 year old Amrita Singh

Khushbu Kumari Jha
Saif Ali Khan
Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan married Amrita Singh for the first time of two marriages, where he divorced Amrita Singh who was 13 years older than him, and Saif's heart was beating for Kareena Kapoor, 10 years younger than him.

Saif Ali Khan Love Life: It is said that love is blind..And what is that love that should be done after thinking? This thing fits perfectly on Saif Ali Khan. Love came not once but twice in his life and both times he only listened to the heart and not the mind. In 1991, his heart was beating after seeing Amrita Singh for the first time. At that time Saif Ali Khan was just 21 years old and was scrambling to become an actor, while Amrita Singh was 13 years older than him at that time and his age was 33 years. 

Heart was giving to Amrita bigger than herself

There was not only age gap between the two at that time, but there was a lot of difference between the two regarding career as well. While Amrita was a big superstar, not even a single Saif film was released. But when Saif saw Amrita in front of him for the first time at Bekhudi's photoshoot, both heart and mind were lost. Only one thing became important for him and that was getting Amrita. This was the reason that within 6 months of this meeting, both of them had taken an important decision like marriage. Age was just a number for both Saif and Amrita. 

10 years younger Kareena fell in love

This relationship with 13-year-old Amrita Singh started dying in a few years, then in 2004, both got divorced and separated. After a few years, love once again knocked in Saif's life. After forgetting Amrita, Saif's heart went up for Kareena Kapoor who was 10 years younger than him. While working together in the film Tashan, both came close to each other and on seeing it, Kareena also gave heart to Saif. When the matter of love progressed, both of them started dating each other. Soon this relationship came in front of everyone and in 2012 both of them got married with the consent of the families.