Mia Khalifa wows fans with racy bathroom selfies wearing nothing but...

Maharanee Kumari
Mia Khalifa bathroom selfies
Mia Khalifa bathroom selfies

Former Pornhub star Mia Khalifa has wowed her fans with a racy Instagram post that showed her in her bathroom with nothing more than a t-shirt with thousands heaping praise on her

Former Pornhub star Mia Khalifa has wowed her fans with a sexy new post to her Instagram in nothing but a T-shirt.

The OnlyFans star took to social media to share the series of snaps, which showed the 29-year-old appealing to wear nothing other than the top while posing in a bathroom.

Mia, sporting a T-shirt with a black panther printed on the front of it, wowed her millions of Instagram fans with a series of photos.

The Lebanese-born star took the time to show off her latest T-shirt, with thousands commenting on the post to praise Mia and her flash new nails.

One comment from professional American tennis player Julia Elbaba praised the post, commenting: "THIS IS GIVING," followed by a series of fire emojis.

She also took the time to praise Khalifa's nails, writing: "THOSE CLAWS".

Plenty more praise was heaped onto the former Pornhub star, who was seen sporting a T-shirt from clothing brand CNTRA.ltd, which designed a special set of animal-clad items.

The latest design, sported by Mia in her latest Instagram post, was from the Nocturnal Zoo collection.

Mia's T-shirt, which features a huge black panther alongside the CNTRA logo and red emboss of the "Nocturnal" line, has since sold out on the official store front.

A hefty price of £65 ($80) was attached to the T-shirt when it was sold on the CNTRA website.

She featured a collage of photos alongside her bathroom selfies, including a sneak behind the scenes peak of a recent photoshoot.

The media personality had captioned her latest post "BTS," leading one fan to joke that she was the newest member of the South Korean boy band.

The user commented: "New BTS member confirmed?!" underneath Mia's latest post.

Daily Star had recently reported that Khalifa had shared a series of photos depicting the OnlyFans model digging into a cake that featured her own face on the icing.