‘next Mia Khalifa’ hits out at icon for ‘disrespecting industry’

S Choudhury
Mia khalifa look alike Violet Myers
Mia khalifa look alike Violet Myers

Adult model Violet Myers' looks have led to comparisons with ex-Pornhub star Mia Khalifa, but she has criticised the adult icon for speaking out against the sex industry since retiring

A porn star who has been compared to popular performer Mia Khalifa has criticised the former adult entertainer after her vocal critique of the industry.

Violet Myers is one of the adult industry’s fastest-rising stars having developed a mainstream fanbase on YouTube. She also entertains audiences with her love of cosplay and Japanese cartoons on her OnlyFans account.

Her looks have also drawn comparisons with ex-actress Mia Khalifa, who quit the adult industry after receiving death threats for recording a controversial sex tape that resulted in ISIS threatening to behead her.

Although she has admitted struggling with some of the weird fans she encounters during the course of her adult work, Violet took aim at Mia for vocalising the struggles she faced as an adult star.

Speaking on Holly Randall’s Unfiltered podcast, Violet said: “I just don’t like the way she disrespected the industry. She made it seem like they forced her when we’re all young and we all have our mistakes. But I wouldn’t really go about saying you were basically forced," she continued.

“Even when I’m done, I have nothing but good things to say about the industry.”

Holly – who is an award winning porn director – agreed, adding: “There’s something to be said for taking responsibility for your own actions, if you’re an adult then you’re an adult.”

Violet also explained why she has been labelled “the next Mia Khalifa”.

“It’s because we have big noses, thick eyebrows and big eyes, and we both look middle-eastern” she replied. “So that’s why people say that,” she said.

However, the upcoming star suggested that she didn’t agree with the observations, noting: “I don’t get offended, Mia Khalifa is so cool, props to her for doing really well but I feel like we’re totally two different people; she’s more of sports, and I’m more of anime.”

Violet explained that she had also played Mia’s younger sister in a follow-up to the controversial scene that saw her wearing a hijab, drawing further comparisons between the two.