After 11 years, there has been a stir due to the discovery of polio bacteria in Bengal

Pankaj Prasad
Polio Virus in Bengal
Polio Virus in Bengal

There has been a stir due to the discovery of polio virus in Matiyaburj, Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal.

Polio Virus in Bengal: After eleven years, polio bacterium has been found in West Bengal. Polio bacteria have been found from a drain in Matiaburj, Kolkata. This has increased the concern of the state health department. In view of the incident, instructions have been given for special monitoring of the health of the children.

Polio bacteria found in the drain of Matiaburj

A few days ago, samples were taken from a drain in Matiyaburj. Polio virus was found in it. An emergency meeting of the Health Department was also held in this regard three days ago. In the meeting, there was a discussion about the polio virus. After this, special monitoring of those children was directed, those whose immunity is low.

Instructions to expedite polio vaccination campaign

Siddhartha Niyogi, Director of Health Department has given this instruction. It has been said in the instructions that if a child reaches the doctor with a complaint of stomach disorder, then special seriousness will have to be taken in his treatment. The primary symptom of polio is abdominal distension. Apart from this, it has also been said to speed up the polio vaccination campaign. Open defecation has also been banned in the Matiyaburj area. Apart from this, the employees of the Municipal Corporation will go door to door explaining the importance of polio vaccination.

Polio bacterium was found 11 years ago in a girl child in Howrah

It is noteworthy that in the year 2011, the polio bacterium was found for the last time in a girl living in Howrah. After this, in the year 2014, on 27 March, India was declared a polio-free country. However, after 11 years, the health department is worried after the polio bacteria were found again in Kolkata.

KMC Deputy Mayor Atin Ghosh said this

Deputy Mayor of Kolkata Municipal Corporation Atin Ghosh said that polio vaccination has decreased in ward 139 to 141. The need for vaccination in the area has also been emphasized by the corporation. An awareness campaign has been launched in this regard. However, the bacterium of polio type-1 that has been found, it remains to be seen what is its source. For this, publicity will be done in the wards and it will be seen whether any child is suffering from it. He said that the corporation has been continuously monitoring in this regard. That's why it's caught.