There will be a traffic park in every district of Bihar, starting from Veer Kunwar Singh Park

Pankaj Prasad
traffic park in Bihar
traffic park in Bihar

In order to reduce the road accidents happening in Bihar, the Transport Department is making permanent traffic parks in all the districts of the state.

To reduce road accidents in Bihar, the Transport Department has made a new plan. Under this, the exercise of making one permanent traffic park in every district has started from Veer Kunwar Singh Park in Patna. The Transport Department has issued rules in this regard.

Veer Kunwar Singh Park 

In 4900 sq. ft. of Veer Kunwar Singh Park, the work of building this park will be started through the agency from August. Along with this, work will be started gradually in the rest of the districts. This will be the first permanent traffic park in Bihar. Now a temporary traffic park is running in Gaya, Patna. Where maximum school and college students reach.

This will happen in the traffic park

Children and youth will be given information about traffic rules in the traffic park. For this, arrangements will be made for road, small foot over bridge, dummy building, projector, sound system in the traffic park. At the same time, traffic signs along the road in the traffic park, signage like zebra crossing, U-turn, construction of small foot overbridges, dummy construction of schools, bus stops etc., arrangement of lamp posts and lighting, separate entry and exit gates and There will be facility of road safety class room etc. with projector.

The operation of the park will be like this

According to the rules of the Transport Department, the selected agency will be given the responsibility of this traffic park for 10 years. The land and amount will be provided by the Transport Department. For this, the budget of the entire scheme has been sought from the agency. The agency has to manage labor, equipment and material to man power. Applications have been invited from agencies for this. A pre-proposal conference has been held on June 21, while the last date for making proposals is July 6.

Get information about traffic rules

School children and youth will be able to get information about traffic rules in an entertaining way in the traffic park. Here he will be able to learn to drive safely. Through this, people can also be made aware about road safety.