Agnipath Scheme Explainer: Demonstrations held across the country against Agnipath scheme

Pankaj Prasad
Agnipath scheme protest
Agnipath scheme protest

Protests are going on across the country against the Agneepath scheme.

Agnipath Scheme Explainer: The demonstration against the Agnipath scheme started from Bihar spread to many states today. In the neighboring states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana, there were fierce protests against this scheme of the central government on Thursday. Train was set on fire in Bihar. National highways were blocked in Rajasthan, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. There has been arson at many places in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

Youth turned violent, train blew up, tires burnt on roads

The people protesting say that they should not be recruited in the army for only 4 years. According to the rules of the army, they should be commissioned in the army, navy and air force. On Tuesday, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh had launched 'Agneepath Yojana'. After this, demonstrations started against it in Bihar from Wednesday. The demonstration turned violent on Thursday. There were demonstrations by burning tires on the roads, then the bogies of the train were set on fire.

Buxar and Ara station vandalized

The anger of the youth of Bihar is not taking its name to stop. The youth created a ruckus at the railway stations located in Buxar and Ara on the Delhi-Howrah main line. Damaged railway property. The railway station was heavily vandalized.

stone pelting in haryana

Protests are also going on in Haryana, which has given the highest number of soldiers to the country. The youth expressed their protest by taking to the streets of Haryana. Buses were stopped at many places. Roads were blocked. When the police tried to remove them, the youth pelted stones at the police. Later, the youth were driven away by calling the police force. When the police force arrived in large numbers, the youth ran away.

Delhi travel warning on June 20

In Rajasthan too, the opposition to the Agneepath scheme has started. Protests were held in many districts of the state. The youth has also started getting the support of political parties. In Sikar, youth vandalized shops. Government property was also damaged. The protesting youths have been warned to travel to Delhi on June 20.

Protests intensified in Uttar Pradesh too

In Bihar's neighboring state of Uttar Pradesh too, there were strong protests in many cities. Demanding the cancellation of the scheme, the youth raised slogans of 'Take back the Agneepath scheme'. Apart from Bulandshahr, youths protested in Prayagraj, Gorakhpur and Mathura.

Know about Agneepath Scheme

The central government has announced to start the scheme of 'Agniveer' in place of soldiers in the army. For this 'Agneepath Yojana' has been started. On Tuesday, Rajnath Singh inaugurated this scheme. It states that there are plans to induct 46,000 youth into the armed forces this year.

30 to 40 thousand rupees salary

Under the 'Agneepath Yojana', the youth of the age group of 17 to 21 years will be recruited as 'Agniveer' in the army. They will get 30 to 40 thousand rupees salary. Out of the number of soldiers who will be recruited, 25 percent will be inducted into the army, while the rest will be thrown out of the army by paying a lump sum amount. They will be given priority in the jobs of state governments. Also, they will be given preference in the recruitment of Assam Rifles and CAPFs.