Area commander Gajra Kandir of Naxalite organization PLFI arrested in Khunti, Jharkhand

Pankaj Prasad
Gajra Kandir arrested
Gajra Kandir arrested

The police have also recovered several items from it.

Jharkhand Naxal News: Gajra Kandir alias Kundiya Kandir, the area commander of Naxal organization PLFI, has been arrested by the police in Kadepidi forest near Tirla-Kota Mod located in Murhu police station area of ​​Khunti. Police have recovered two 8 mm bullets, PLFI leaflet and donation receipt from him. Torpa SDPO Om Prakash Tiwari gave this information to the journalists.

Information was received about the accumulation of Naxalites in Kadepidi forest

SDPO Mr. Tiwari said that there was information about the gathering of PLFI Naxalites in the Kadepidi forest. Based on the information, raids were conducted on the instructions of Police ASP Operation Ramesh Kumar. On seeing the police in the forest, the Naxalites started running. The police ran and arrested the Area Commander Gajra Kandir alias Kundiya Kandir. During the search, bullets and leaflets and donation receipts were recovered from him.

15 cases registered against arrested Maoists

SDPO said that 15 cases are registered against the arrested Naxalites with serious crimes like murder, extortion, levy, arson, rape, attacking the police. A case is registered against him in Khunti, Murhu, Bandgaon and Adki police stations. During interrogation, he has told that he was also involved in the encounter with the police in the month of May. Sub Zonal Commander Laka Pahan was killed in the said encounter.

accused of gang rape with minor

He told that the husband and wife were also involved in the gang-rape and murder of a minor on February 13, 2022 in Adaki police station area, in Dayan Bisahi on January 10, 2022 under Gajra Kandir Adaki police station area. Torpa SDPO Om Prakash Tiwari, Torpa Inspector Digvijay Singh, Puani Digambar Pandey of Murhu police station, Sandeep Kumar, SAT and armed forces of Murhu police station were involved in the arrest operation.

PLFI organization is getting weak: SDPO

Torpa SDPO Om Prakash Tiwari said that the PLFI organization is getting weak. After the killing of Laka Pahan in the encounter, Gajra Qandir was given the responsibility of strengthening the organization. For this, efforts were being made to recruit new cadres. SDPO said that now PLFI is not getting new boys. In view of this, efforts are being made to connect the old people who are in contact with PLFI with the organization. He said that now people have become aware. Due to this the organization is not getting new cadres.