22 trains passing through Bihar cancelled, railways took decision after furious demonstration

Pankaj Prasad
Passenger trains cancelled in Bihar
Passenger trains cancelled in Bihar

In Bihar, there is a protest from place to place regarding the Agneepath scheme of army recruitment.

In Bihar, there is a protest from place to place regarding the Agneepath scheme of army recruitment. Demonstrations are being held by stopping the rail in many places, and in some places, trains have been set on fire. Due to this, the railway administration has canceled many trains at present. Some trains have been terminated on the way.

22 trains canceled 

According to the information released by the Railways, in view of the students' movement, the Railways has canceled more than 22 trains. East Central Railway has released the list of 22 trains which have been cancelled. By the way, half a dozen trains have also been short terminated. Due to this decision of the railway administration, passengers are facing a lot of trouble. Not only are they unable to travel due to the cancellation of the train, but due to termination in the middle of the way, their journey is also being left incomplete.

Operations canceled trains

1. Train No. 13250 Bhabua Road-Patna Express

2. Train No. 12567 Saharsa-Patna Express

3. Train No. 12568 Patna-Saharsa Express

4. Train No. 15283 Manihari - Jaynagar Express

5. Train No. 03203 Patna-DDU MEMU Passenger Special

6. Train No. 03277 Danapur - Raghunathpur MEMU Passenger Special

7. Train No. 03278 Raghunathpur - Patna MEMU Passenger Special

8. Train No. 05243 Saharsa Samastipur Passenger Special

9. Train No. 05275 Saharsa Samastipur Passenger Special

10. Train No. 05221 Saharsa Samastipur Passenger Special

11. Train No. 05278 Samastipur - Saharsa Passenger Special

12. Train No. 05511 Samastipur-Sonpur Passenger Special

13. Train No. 05257 Muzaffarpur - Narkatiaganj Passenger Special

14. Train No. 03373 Patna - Gaya Passenger Special

15. Train No. 03340 Gaya-Patna Passenger Special

16. Train No. 03365 Patna - Gaya Passenger Special

17. Train No. 03338 Gaya-Patna Passenger Special

18. Train No. 05548 Saharsa - Laheriasarai Passenger Special

19. Train No. 05547 Laheriasarai - Saharsa Passenger Special

20. Train No. 05287 Muzaffarpur - Raxaul Passenger Special

21. Train No. 05534 Jaynagar - Darbhanga Passenger Special

22. Train No. 05533 Darbhanga - Jaynagar Passenger Special