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State alert to deal with unpleasant situation, section 144 imposed in six police station areas

Pankaj Prasad
Section 144 imposed in Ranchi
Section 144 imposed in Ranchi

To deal with the problem of law and order, the Police Headquarters has provided 5,300 additional forces to all the SPs.

In view of the possibility of the violent incident after Friday prayers in the state, the Police Headquarters has alerted the SPs of all the districts including Ranchi, Jamshedpur, and Dhanbad. All the SPs were told by the Police Headquarters that there was an incident of stone-pelting and arson during the protest on June 10 after Friday prayers in Ranchi's Main Road. Due to this, the problem of law and order had arisen. Also said that after Friday prayers on June 17, anti-social elements can carry out unpleasant incidents in different districts. The security of religious places located at sensitive places in the districts has been increased. Police Headquarters has also directed to keep surveillance through CCTV.

Police Headquarters gave 5,300 additional forces to the districts

To deal with the problem of law and order, the Police Headquarters has provided 5,300 additional forces to all the SPs. From IG to DIG deployment has been done. Ranchi IG Pankaj Kamboj has been given 100 stick force, DIG 100 stick force, Dumka DIG 100 stick force, Hazaribagh DIG 100 stick force, Bokaro DIG 100 stick force and 150 stick force has been kept in reserve at Police Headquarters. Ranchi district has been provided maximum additional police forces. In this, eight IPS, six DSP, 10 inspectors, 60 sub-inspectors, two company riffs, a tear gas squad, besides 2500 armed police forces. One company each in Giridih, Jamshedpur and Hazaribagh also provided tear gas, one company RAP in Jamshedpur, Dumka, Hazaribagh, 400 in Jamshedpur, 300 in Hazaribagh, 200 additional forces in Ramgarh, 200 additional forces in Giridih, 250 additional forces provided in Khunti Has been done.

Prohibitory orders in six police station areas from 12 to five only shops

Section 144 will remain in force in the six police stations of Ranchi, Daily Market, Kotwali, Hindpiri, Doranda, Lower Bazar and Chutia police station area till further orders. DC Chhaviranjan said that people living in these areas can go out of the house between 12 noon to 5 pm for the purchase of essential goods, but their number will not be more than four together. More than four numbers will not be able to gather at the shops. DC has made it clear that strict action will be taken against those who violate the rule. He said that the current situation in the capital is under control.

Identity of the accused who fired

Police has acquired a video of a miscreant firing during a disturbance in the main road of Daily Market police station area. In the video, the police saw that the youth came out of the Daily Market taxi stand and came to the main road and fired a few rounds continuously, the police have also obtained the photograph of the youth. On the basis of this, the police have identified the youth who opened fire. Although the police have not officially disclosed the name and address of the youth. Police has started raids in search of the accused youth. Information has also been received about firing by another youth.

Go straight home after namaz in mosques

Regarding Friday prayers in the capital, Imams of mosques and people of various religious and social organizations have appealed to the common people to go to their respective homes after offering Friday prayers.

It is said in the Qur'an Sharif, O believers, if an untrustworthy person comes with any news, then investigate. Hazrat Muhammad sahib has termed the person spreading rumors without investigation as a liar.

Maulana Dr. Obeidullah Qasmi

Read Juma prayers in their respective mosques and then return home. Do not crowd anywhere or take out any procession. These days some people are trying to defame Ranchi. We have to thwart their designs.

Maulana Qutbuddin Rizvi, Nazim Ala Adare Sharia