US President Biden suddenly fell from the bicycle, then gave such a reaction

Maharanee Kumari
Joe Biden Falls Off
Joe Biden Falls Off

US President Joe Biden is seen rising soon after falling in a video. This video is going fiercely viral.

Joe Biden Falls Off: US President Joe Biden was riding a bicycle near his seaside home in the state of Delaware on Saturday morning, but he suddenly fell from this cycle. After which, after recovering, his reaction is now winning the hearts of the people. 

no injury

A video from the White House Pool Report showed the 79-year-old president getting up shortly after falling. President Joe Biden collapsed on Saturday while trying to get off his bicycle near Cape Henlopen State Park near his Beach House in Delaware, although he says he was not hurt.

Said with a smile - I am fine

Immediately after the incident, US Secret Service agents helped the president get up. Soon after, Biden told people, 'I am fine.' He said, 'Just my leg was stuck.'

Biden went out for a morning walk 

It is worth noting that 79-year-old President Biden and his wife Jill Biden had gone out for a bicycle in the morning and were proceeding to meet their well-wishers. Wearing a helmet, Biden fell down while trying to get off the bicycle. After falling to the right, Biden stood up immediately, recovering.

White House official issued statement 

After the video of the incident surfaced, a White House official said, 'No medical help is needed. The President is looking forward to spending the rest of the day with his family.