Mandar by-election: slogans of Pakistan Zindabad started as soon as Owaisi reached Ranchi

Pankaj Prasad
Asaduddin Owaisi
Asaduddin Owaisi

AIMIM National President Asaduddin had come to Jharkhand yesterday.

Ranchi: AIMIM chief Owaisi had reached the Mandar assembly yesterday to hold a meeting in favor of Dev Kumar Dhan. Where he appealed to the people to vote for Dev Kumar Dhan. Earlier yesterday, as soon as Owaisi reached Ranchi airport. Some activists raised slogans of Pakistan Zindabad at Ranchi airport. After that, it slipped as soon as it rained. Here DC has ordered an inquiry regarding the matter. Hehal's CO Omprakash and DSP Rajkumar have been asked to give a report in 24 hours.

BJP has also demanded action. BJP leaders said that the morale of the separatist forces has increased during the tenure of the Hemant government. From the nomination of the chief candidate to the celebration of victory, they are raising slogans of Pakistan Zindabad. Here RJD has also demanded action against those who raised the slogan of Pakistan Zindabad.

Both BJP and JMM are responsible for the violence in Ranchi

All India Majlishe Ittehadul Muslimeen, AIMIM National President Asaduddin Owaisi said that the BJP government at the Center is to blame for the violence that took place in Ranchi in the past. Had Nupur Sharma been arrested, then such a big incident would not have happened. After the incident, the JMM government is also guilty, because they shot these unarmed people and killed them.

Till now no action has been taken and no one has been arrested. Mr. Owaisi was talking to reporters at Ranchi airport on Sunday, he had come to Ranchi to campaign in favor of AIMIM-backed independent candidate Devkumar Dhan in Mander Vis by-election.

In favor of Dhan Mr. Owaisi held an election rally in Chanho. He said that minorities, tribals and Dalits will have to become a political force to take their rights, till today we had been voting for Congress, but now Congress has become old. The day Congress ends from India, Narendra Modi himself will lose the election. He talked about raising the voice in Parliament for the Sarna Code.

Angry at Irfan:

In the course of the conversation at the airport, Owaisi also lashed out at Congress MLA Irfan Ansari, challenging Irfan and said that Jharkhand does not belong to your father. You have that much power, so stop us and show us. He said this when he was told by journalists about Irfan's statement, in which he had said that Owaisi should not come to Jharkhand. Owaisi said that Irfan you should die drowning in full water. If the BJP government will come, then you will build a political building on those two children for the post of a minister.