World Yoga Day 2022: Yoga is the panacea for many diseases, keep yourself and others fit

Pankaj Prasad
Yoga guru Ghanshyam Arya
Yoga guru Ghanshyam Arya

World Yoga Day is on 21st June. With the help of this mantra, everyone can remain healthy.

World Yoga Day 2022: The car of all of us is running fast. Whether not to wake up in the morning, worry about family and business. Tension from home to outside. Our life does not seem to stop anywhere. Irregular meals in the run-of-the-mill life, excessive consumption of oily and spicy foods or busy work. We are forgetting to pay attention to the body in our life. This is the reason why we are caught in the clutches of many diseases. We don't get to know about it immediately. When the disease of the body gradually takes a formidable form. Then we realize that we have lost our body. At present the corona epidemic is also fatal for us. In such times, regular yoga is the only remedy to increase the immunity power of our body. At least 10 to 30 minutes in the morning if we do regular yogaIf we do, then we can not only remain healthy, but we can also live a few years long life by defeating diseases. Yoga is more beneficial than medicine. This presentation of Prabhat Khabar is for those people who are fit with yoga and also keeping other people fit by doing yoga.

Hemorrhoids, stones, migration have been cured by yoga: Ghanshyam

Yoga guru Ghanshyam Arya is a well-known yoga teacher and instructor from Sisai of Gumla. He told that in the year 2007, he saw the yoga being done by Swami Ramdev. How people are defeating diseases by yoga. After that, taking inspiration from Ramdev Baba, I resolved to do yoga and started yoga at home. Gumla district in-charge of Patanjali Yogpeeth Haridwar Committee was introduced to Bhola Prasad in 2009 and he went to Haridwar for a 15-day yoga camp. Where my life changed. In 2015, I was appointed Yoga Pracharak of Gumla district by Yogpeeth Haridwar. Awarded for serving in 2015 Sisai block, 12 blocks of the district including Bishnupur, Ghaghra, Gumla, Sisai in 2016 and 15 days camp in Assam in 2017. Currently runs Ashtanga Yoga Fitness Center in Sisai. Where free yoga training is given. Ghanshyam says that when I came into yoga. Then hemorrhoids, stones, Tired of getting treatment for migration. By doing yoga all the problems got solved. By doing yoga, a person can lead a healthy life of a high quality.

Bhola Prasad gives yoga classes to people everyday

Bhola Prasad of Gumla has devoted his life to keeping the lives of other people healthy through yoga. Shri Prasad is the district in-charge of Patanjali Yog Samiti Gumla. He said that I have been doing yoga regularly since 2006 and as a yoga teacher since 2009, by organizing yoga classes and yoga camps in the entire district, I am working to bring benefits of yoga to the people. Since 2009, I have been performing my responsibility as the in-charge of Patanjali Yog Samiti of the district. I organized two to three camps in almost all the blocks in the whole district and made people aware of the benefits of yoga and also cured the diseases of hundreds of people. The yoga classes established by me since the year 2009 have been continuously teaching yoga to the people. He said that in Gumla district more than 150 people are working as yoga instructors across the district.

Janardan Saha has been doing yoga for people for 29 years

75-year-old Janardan Prasad Saha, a resident of Palkot Road in Gumla city, has been doing yoga in schools and colleges for 29 years. Apart from telling the general public the importance of yoga, they also train them. Mr. Saha, who keeps himself healthy even in old age, says that I used to be troubled by many problems of the body. But with yoga, he himself made his body healthy. He said that he himself has been doing yoga since 1993 and has been giving yoga training to others as well. 1994 Received yoga education from Munger and got the certificate. Satyanand Saraswati is our Guru. With whose guidance today I have become a proficient yoga guru. He said that the way people's lives are changing. At such times, yoga should be done every day. There is no time restriction. whatever time you got. Make good use of it in yoga. But regular yoga is necessary. Only then can the immunity power of your body remain strong.

Gajraj defeated his illness, then became a yoga guru

Yoga guru Gajraj Mahato of Sisai block under Gumla district started yoga in 2008. He said that when he saw Baba Ramdev doing yoga in a TV channel, he got inspired. Since 2007 I had leprosy, numbness in left leg and left hand. He became completely healthy by doing yoga in 2010-11. Ramjivan Pandey, the state in-charge of Patanjali Yog Sangathan, associated me with yoga in 2011 and was honored by him in 2011. In 2018, Sisai was appointed as Pracharak of Block Patanjali Yog Samiti. By giving people giloy, aloe vera along with yoga, I have cured many people from serious diseases. At present, free yoga is also done in schools, colleges and other blocks of the district. A person can lead a healthy life by doing Pranayama, Kapalbhati Pranayama, Anulom Vilom Pranayama, Surya Namaskar Pranayama. I'm glad. I was ill. But now after recovering, now I am working to keep others healthy.