111 unrecognized registered parties removed from the list of Election Commission

Pankaj Prasad
Election Commission of India
Election Commission of India

The Election Commission on Monday removed 111 registered unrecognized parties from the list.

Election Commission: Taking major action on Monday, the Election Commission has removed 111 unrecognized registered parties from the list. A few days before this move, the Election Commission of India had initiated action against more than 2100 registered unrecognized parties for violating the rules.

Action taken under these sections

According to the report of news agency ANI, the Election Commission has booked 111 registered unrecognized political parties against more than 2100 RUPPs for non-compliance of Sections 29A and 29C of the RP Act, 1951. Removed almost a month after the graded action was initiated.

Such action has already been taken on behalf of the commission

Earlier in the past, the Election Commission had decided to remove 87 registered unrecognized political parties from its list. It was told that during physical verification it was revealed that these parties do not exist. According to the commission, some of the more than 2,100 registered unrecognized parties are also accused of indulging in serious financial irregularities.

The commission had recently released the report

It is noteworthy that recently, a report was issued by the Election Commission of India in this regard, in which it was said that the registered unrecognized political parties will have to follow the standards set by the commission and they will have all the related information. It is mandatory to provide to the commission. After this, the commission has started the process of action against the political parties involved in irregularities on behalf of the detailed investigation.