Mukhtar Ansari's wife Afsa Ansari will have property worth 3.76 crore attached, order of DM of Mau

Pankaj Prasad
Mukhtar Ansari
Mukhtar Ansari

Mau District Magistrate Arun Kumar has given this order while taking action under the Gangster Act.

The troubles of former MLA Mukhtar Ansari, who are in jail, are not taking the name of lessening. Under the anti-mafia campaign of the state government, assets worth about 3 crores 76 lakhs, registered in the name of Mukhtar's wife Afsa Ansari, will be attached. Mau District Magistrate Arun Kumar has given this order while taking action under the Gangster Act. The Yogi government is continuously opening a front against the mafia of the state. With the tightening of the screws on them, continuous action is being taken.

Case filed in various sections in South Tola also

It is alleged that Afsa Ansari, wife of IS 191 gang leader Mukhtar Ansari, resident of Tailor Tola Ward No. 9, Yusufpur, Police Station Mohammadabad District Ghazipur has bought land in her name with illegally acquired money. The said land is located in Mauja Sheikhpur Pargana and Tehsil Sadar district Ghazipur. The market value of this land is around Rs.3 crore 76 lakh. A case has been registered against Aafsa Ansari in various police stations of Ghazipur district, in Mau police station, Sarailakhasi police station and South Tola police station.

'The value of the property is about four and a half crores'

In this sequence, on Wednesday, the District Magistrate of Mau said that under the Gangster Act, action is being taken against the movable and immovable properties created out of illegally acquired money. All such people are being identified in the district who are involved in illegal activities and against whom there are sufficient grounds to take action under the Gangster Act. Giving information in this regard, Mau Superintendent of Police Sushil Ghule told the media that earlier a case was going on in Dakshin Tola police station. In this case, there has been an order that the property should be confiscated. The cost of this property is around Rs. 3 crores 76 lakhs.