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Rahul Gandhi: Attack on Rahul Gandhi's office in Wayanad, 8 SFI workers detained

Pankaj Prasad
Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi

According to the police, around 100 workers of the Students Federation of India (SFI) were involved in the protest march and they entered the office.

A protest march by the ruling Communist Party of India's student wing SFI to the Wayanad office of Congress MP Rahul Gandhi turned violent on Friday with a group of protesters storming the Lok Sabha member's office. allegedly entered and ransacked. Police said that around 100 workers of Students Federation of India (SFI) were involved in the protest march and they entered the office.

uproar over buffer zone issue

Quoting PTI-language, the police said that there were around 80-100 workers. Eight of them have been detained so far. At the same time, more number of policemen have been deployed outside the office. The student body protested alleging that Rahul Gandhi did not interfere in the issue of creation of 'buffer zones' around forests in hilly areas of Kerala.

Congress leader made serious allegations against SFI

Regarding the attack, Congress leader KC Venugopal said that at around 3 pm today, a group of SFI workers and leaders forcibly encroached upon the office of Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi. He said that the SFI workers have also mercilessly attacked the employees present in the office. Venugopal said that SFI workers are agitating on the issue of buffer zone. I don't know what is the role of Rahul Gandhi in this matter. He said that as per the judgment of the Supreme Court, if anything can be done in that issue, it can be done by the CM of Kerala.

Congress demands strict action 

Venugopal said that the attack on Rahul Gandhi's office took place in the presence of police. This is a clear conspiracy of the CPM leadership. He said that since last 5 days ED is interrogating him, after that I don't know why Kerala CPM is going in the way of attacking Narendra Modi. I think Sitaram Yechury will take necessary action.