CM Soren's counterattack, orders for CID investigation of Momentum Jharkhand in 2017 under BJP rule

Maharanee Kumari
Momentum Jharkhand 2017
Momentum Jharkhand 2017

The 'Momentum Jharkhand' program organized to attract investment in Jharkhand were formed just before the event.

Amidst the raging case of giving lease of mines to fake companies in Jharkhand, CM Hemant Soren has ordered a CID inquiry into the alleged rigging during the 2017 'Momentum Jharkhand'. This file was lying buried in the State Industries Department for one and a half years. Momentum Jharkhand was organized under the rule of BJP. 

It is alleged that in the year 2017, many companies that had participated in the 'Momentum Jharkhand' program organized to attract investment in Jharkhand were formed just before the event. These companies had signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the intention of making profit in Jharkhand. A total of 238 MoUs were signed in this investor conference. There is an allegation of misappropriation of Rs 100 crore in these.

Earlier the responsibility of investigating this matter was given to the ACB. Now the Industries Department of Jharkhand sent the file to CM Soren and with his consent as Industries Minister, sent the file to the Home Department. Earlier, the CM had ordered a special audit bureau to investigate the matter. In the case of ACB itself, one and a half years had passed since the file was discussed. Now the Soren government has decided that it will be investigated by the CID first. 

JMM had alleged the biggest scam

A few days ago, JMM Central Committee member Supriyo Bhattacharya had claimed that the country's biggest scam took place in 2017 Momentum Jharkhand during the tenure of the then Chief Minister Raghuvar Das. While disclosing the information received through RTI, he said that MoU was signed with 22 companies in Momentum Jharkhand in the year 2017, out of which 11 companies were formed just before Momentum Jharkhand. Expressing apprehension, he said that these companies were formed with the aim of taking advantage of Momentum Jharkhand.