Plane accident postponed again in Patna, SpiceJet flight stopped on runway before takeoff

Pankaj Prasad
Plane accident postponed in Patna
Plane accident postponed in Patna

For the second time within a week, a plane crash has been averted at Patna airport.

On Saturday, the flight from Patna to Guwahati was stopped at Patna airport just before takeoff on the runway. SpiceJet's aircraft SG 3724 had some fault due to which it was stopped and then later canceled. About 100 people were on board along with a minister in this plane. Even before this, a SpiceJet plane had survived an accident on Sunday.

Had to return from the runway back to the parking lot

The plane was ready to take off for Guwahati. 100 people including a minister had already sat in the plane. But shortly before takeoff, a technical fault occurred in the aircraft's engine, due to which the aircraft had to be returned from the runway to the parking lot. The flight was canceled due to technical fault being detected before take-off.

Passengers stirred up after technical glitch

After the technical fault in the plane, there was a stir among the passengers aboard the plane. whose passengers were taken off the plane. After getting off the plane, the passengers were asked to stay at the airport for some time. However, it is a matter of relief that the fault of the aircraft came to know in time and it was canceled immediately.

Second accident averted within a week 

This is the second case in a week at Patna airport. When the aircraft is stopped due to a technical fault. On June 19 too, a SpiceJet plane had crashed after taking off. After which he was hastily landed at Patna airport. There were 185 passengers on that plane. The plane kept flying in the air for 30 minutes after which it was landed safely. Later it was found that there was a technical problem in the plane due to the collision of the bird.