Corona Update: Beware! Corona is spreading again in Jharkhand, 137 new infected found in a week

Pankaj Prasad
Coronavirus in Jharkhand
Coronavirus in Jharkhand

Corona is slowly gaining momentum again in Jharkhand, in a week only 137 new infected have been found.

Gradually, Corona is spreading again in Jharkhand. The number of corona-infected patients is increasing continuously. This is the reason that the government has also appealed to the people to be careful. SOP has also been issued recently. It is a matter of concern that on June 2, the number of corona infected corona-infected patients in the state was 39, which has increased to 177 in 24 days.

Corona 5770 samples were tested on June 24, in which 30 were found infected. That is, 0.51 percent, whereas before June 1, this figure was just less than 0.1. The Health Department has instructed to take precautions everywhere. However, experts agree that there is no worrying situation right now.

Health department instructed the districts to increase the test

The Health Department has instructed all the districts to increase the corona investigation. It has been said that where positives are being found, the investigation should be increased by doing contact tracing. Testing is being increased especially among people coming from outside the state. The reason is that all those who are getting infected right now are mostly people coming from other states. If five-six people are found infected at any one place, then instructions have also been given to create a micro-containment zone there.

Infection will stay away only with restraint

Festivals like Rath Yatra and Shravani Mela are near in Jharkhand right now. Here Corona is also slowly spreading its feet. In six weeks, the number of corona infected has started increasing. Whereas during festivals the crowd also increases. In such a situation, experts are advising to be more careful. In Jharkhand, between May 9 and May 15, 0.05 percent were getting infected, while between June 20 and June 25, 0.40 percent were getting infected.

Although the Health Department is not considering the situation as serious yet, but is definitely appealing to be careful in the coming festivals. The government has given exemption for Rath Yatra and Shravani Mela, while SOP has also been issued for the people.

Week Test Infected Percentage

09-15 May 54367 26 0.05

16-22 May 43369 15 0.03

23-29 May 41860 23 0.05

May 20 to June 5 35993 46 0.10

13-19 June 32646 118 0.36

20-25 June 25636 113 0.40

The situation is not alarming, but caution is necessary: ​​Dr. Karna

State epidemiologist Dr Praveen Karan said that there is no worrying situation in Jharkhand, but infected people are increasing in other states. In such a situation, caution is necessary here too. In the first week of June, less than 0.1 percent were getting infected, which has increased to 0.51 percent in the last week. That is why it is important that people follow the SOPs of the Government of Jharkhand and the Government of India.

A new corona-infected patient admitted in RIMS

A 70-year-old woman, who was admitted to the corona infected in RIMS on Saturday, belongs to 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, with this the number of corona infected in RIMS has increased to three. All three are admitted in the dengue ward.

This is the SOP regarding Corona

Wearing of mask or face cover will be mandatory in the workplace, public places and closed places

Social distancing is essential in public and at work

Sanitizer and handwash required at workplaces

Provision of proper ventilation in closed places

Instructions to schools and coaching centers to follow the guidelines of Health and Education Department

All colleges and universities will follow the guidelines of UGC.

Follow the instructions of ITI, Skill Development Center and Polytechnic Institute Director-General of Training and Ministry of Skill

All types of training institutes will follow the instructions issued by the state government and the center.

UGC's guideline for college-university

Classes should be run in online or offline or both modes. Social distance is necessary in the classroom. The presence of students in the classroom will not be mandatory. If it is very important, then the student has to be called in different groups in the classroom. Masks are necessary for students, teachers, employees and officials and everyone visiting the campus.

Sanitization is necessary in the campus including classrooms, keep the bathroom, toilet clean. Hand sanitizer is to be used. Dustbin is necessary, ladders and railings have to be sanitized from time to time. Follow the entry and exit gates.