One is too small top... even bra not worn from above, extreme heat tormenting Poonam Pandey

S Choudhury
Panam Pandey hot photo
Panam Pandey hot photo

Poonam Pandey is another name for hotness in itself. Once again Panam Pandey has flaunted such a look on the middle of the road.

Poonam Pandey was recently spotted in Mumbai wearing a white crop top and green trousers. During this, everyone's eyes have stopped on the top of the actress.

In the pictures that surfaced, you can see that Poonam Pandey's top was too short. Not only this, the actress was not even wearing a bra inside the top during this time.

In such a situation, she is seen being fully exposed in this top of Poonam. Although unfazed by this, Poonam was seen flaunting her look in a very daring style during this time.

Let us tell you that this is not the first time that Poonam Pandey has appeared in a public place in such a revealing style. Rather, the actress is famous all over the world for her style.

Let us tell you that Poonam Pandey recently appeared in Kangana Ranaut's reality OTT show 'Lock Up'. Poonam entertained the audience a lot in this show.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the new looks of Poonam Pandey. In such a situation, as soon as a new look of Poonam comes, it becomes viral on social media within minutes.