Patna's drug inspector's property in Bangalore, Noida and Ranchi also, recovered cash 4 crores

Pankaj Prasad
Patnas drug inspectors property
Patnas drug inspectors property

In the investigation so far, the monitoring team has found many such properties, which they have not mentioned in their annual property return.

The officers had to struggle a lot to calculate the unaccounted wealth of Patna's drug inspector Jitendra Kumar, who came under the JD(S) of the Surveillance Investigation Bureau. On Saturday, after counting from the note counting machine till late night at the drug inspector's residence at Khan Mirza Gali in Sultanganj, the officials found a total of Rs 4 crore 11 lakh 79 thousand 700 in cash. This is the biggest cash seizure ever. Property has also been detected in Bangalore, Noida and Ranchi. Along with this, gold ornaments also increased from one and a half kilos to one kilo.

Biggest ever seizure of cash in the state

The cash recovered on Sunday was brought to the monitoring office, which will be deposited when the bank opens on Monday. After a continuous investigation for 19 hours, many benami properties of the drug inspector, documents related to land and house and documents related to bank accounts and financial investments have been found. After verification of these, the scope of unaccounted assets is expected to increase. Eight passbooks of drug inspectors of SBI, PNB, Canara and Central Bank of India, while ten papers related to investments in LIC, Max Life, Aviva, New India Insurance have been found. On the opening of banks on Monday, information about the amount deposited in these bank accounts, lockers etc. will be taken. Along with this, the documents related to financial investment will also be verified.

Many more properties unearthed

Surveillance has found many such properties in the investigation so far, which they have not mentioned in their annual property return. This includes flat number 301 in Matruchhaya Apartment located in Sandalpur Mohalla, Patna. Apart from this, flat number 202 next to flat number 201 in Manorama Apartment of Gaya city has also been feared to belong to the drug inspector. However, the documents related to this have not been found yet.

Electricity connection of this flat has been found in the name of Jitendra Kumar. There is also information about them buying flats in Bangalore. In the investigation, the surveillance has got 27 land deeds and papers, which are being verified. Many of them are also from Noida and Ranchi outside Bihar. Jitendra Kumar has built a G+4 house in Sultanganj Khan Mirza Gali with ancestral land on the land purchased in his own name in about 4000 square feet.

2.36 crores were met from Ei's house in 2019

Experts say that the State Monitoring Bureau had caught Suresh Kumar Singh, the executive engineer of the Road Construction Department posted in Patna in June, 2019, from his house while taking a bribe of Rs 14 lakh. After this, Rs 2.36 crore cash was recovered from his house in the investigation. Then this was the biggest seizure from the house of a government employee in Bihar. Now the investigation bureau has monitored the recovery of Rs 4.11 crore in the house of drug inspector of Patna. In such a situation, it is being told as the biggest cash recovery ever from the house of a government employee.