Heartbreaking incident in Garhwa, real sister sacrificed by cutting tongue and uterus

Pankaj Prasad
Jharkhand Witch Hunt
Jharkhand Witch Hunt

An exorcist woman sacrificed her own sister.

A gruesome case of witch-bisahi has come to light in Nagaruntari police station area of ​​Garhwa district of Jharkhand. The case of a woman being sacrificed has come to light. It has been told that the real sister was sacrificed by cutting off her tongue and uterus. After getting the information, the police has started investigation. Case On Tuesday (June 21, 2022) in Oraon Tola of ward number-six of Nagaruntari, Gudiya Devi's (26) real sister Lalita Devi, along with her husband Dinesh Oraon, sacrificed the doll in connection with the witch-bisahi.

Gudiya Devi died in agony, burnt the dead body

Allegedly, Gudiya's sister Lalita and brother-in-law Dinesh Oraon used to work as exorcists. It has been told that the tongue of the goddess Gudiya was cut before she was sacrificed and after that her uterus and intestine were removed. Gudiya Devi continued to suffer, but no one helped her. Gudiya died in agony. Lalita Devi and Dinesh Oraon are residents of Daleli village of Meral police station area. After the incident, the dead body was burnt in the evening of the same day in Khura village of Ranka police station.

Gudiya Devi started swinging after tantric rituals

Gudiya's husband Munna Oraon and her brother-in-law Usha Devi told the police that their neighbor Ramsharan Oraon alias Gota had called Lalita Devi and Dinesh Oraon from Daleli village to perform a khappar (a kind of tantric ritual) in their house for four days. Since then Tantric rituals were going on at Ramsharan. It is a custom to offer sacrifices after allegedly placing thatch.

The doll goddess started swinging during the tantric process - eyewitness

On the fourth day of Tantric Kriya, Lalita Devi called Gudiya to the house of Ramsharan Oraon alias Gota for tantra-mantra. Her husband Munna Oraon, Gotni Usha Devi, mother-in-law Suji Devi also went there with Gudiya. After reaching there, Gudiya Devi suddenly started swinging, people thought that she was swinging due to Tantric action.

First the tongue was cut, then the uterus and intestine were taken out

During this, the exorcist Lalita Devi put her hand in the mouth of the doll in front of everyone and pulled her tongue and cut the doll with a sharp weapon, then the cloth was stuffed in her mouth. After this, her womb and entrail were taken out. Due to this, Gudiya Devi died, after the death, both of them came to Khura village of maiden Ranka with the dead body of Gudiya and burnt the dead body there in the forest.

Lalita Devi tried to strangle me: Usha Devi

Gudiya's brother-in-law Usha Devi told that she had protested against harassing her sister-in-law, when she was stunned by the swaying doll with a stick. Because of this she (Usha) fainted. By the time she regained consciousness, the incident had happened. He told that everything happened in front of his eyes. She was very scared. so don't tell anyone

Somehow, Usha escaped after saving her life

After a lot of scraping, Usha Devi told that she was not going to Ramsharan Oraon's house. Gudiya Devi had forcibly taken her and her husband Shambhu Oraon. He told that when he protested during Jethani's death, he too was badly beaten up. The exorcist Lalita Devi slammed her (Usha Devi) on her chest and started suffocating her. She somehow saved her life by running away.

Police station in-charge reached the spot, 5 people in custody

On receiving information about the sacrifice of the woman in the affair of tantra-mantra, station in-charge Yogendra Kumar reached Oraon Tola on Sunday and started investigating the matter. After taking stock of the spot, station in-charge Yogendra Kumar has detained 5 people, including two sons and two daughters-in-law of the deceased's husband Munna Oraon and Ramsharan Oraon alias Gota. Police is interrogating all the people.

Ramsharan Oraon and other accused absconding

Ramsharan Oraon alias Gota, in whose house Lalita Devi and Dinesh Oraon had come to do tantrums, sells illegal liquor, he is absconding since the incident.

The matter was suppressed by doing Panchayati in the village

One aspect after this incident has also come to the fore that after the incident a panchayat was also held in the village regarding this matter. In this, Yogesh Oraon, the husband of the ward member was also present, it was asked to suppress the matter in the Panchayati. Now after the matter came to light, Yogesh is denying it. Yogesh said that after the incident there was a rift in the family, so a meeting was held for the panchayat. In the said meeting, Munna Oraon, the husband of the deceased Gudiya Devi, had said to tell everything after the Shradh and take the matter forward. When asked to tell, he also did not consider it appropriate to inform the police.

Research in progress : SDPO

In this regard, Sub-Divisional Police Officer Pramod Kesari said that the case of murder of Gudiya Devi, wife of Munna Oraon in Oraon Tola, has come to light. Some people have been brought for questioning. Research continues.

Application not received for FIR: SHO

In this regard, the station in-charge Yogendra Kumar said that 5 people have been detained for questioning, so far no one has applied for an FIR in this case.