Net Zero Explainer: What is Net Zero? How PM Modi will make Indian Railways net zero

Pankaj Prasad
Indian Railways Net Zero
Indian Railways Net Zero

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday in the G7 summit that India's vast railway system will be made 'Net Zero' in this decade.

Net Zero Explainer: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday in the G7 summit that India's vast railway system will be made 'Net Zero' in this decade. Since then questions have started arising what is net-zero? How Indian Railways will be made 'Net Zero'. So today we will tell you what is Net Zero and how its goal can be achieved. Is it possible to achieve this or not?

If the temperature of the earth increases further, then life will be difficult

Net-zero is in a lot of discussions these days. It is related to controlling the emission of Green House Gases. That is, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) has greatly affected the climate. That is, this gas is harmful to both the climate and the atmosphere. Due to this, the temperature of both the earth and the sea is increasing. Glaciers are melting. The heat is increasing in the world. Scientists around the world are warning that if it is not controlled soon, life on earth will be difficult.

Greenhouse gases need to be controlled

Therefore, it has become necessary to control the emission of greenhouse gases. In today's era, when global leaders meet, there is a discussion on the climate crisis. India has tried to show the direction to the world. Prime Minister Narendra Modi as an invited member of the G7 summit today told the world how India has achieved the target of 40 percent energy capacity from non-fossil sources 9 years ahead of schedule. took.

What is Net Zero?

The Prime Minister said that Indian Railways will be made 'Net Zero' in this decade. This does not mean that the emission of greenhouse gases will stop because of railways. This means that the infrastructure of the railway will be prepared in such a way that in the coming decade, as much gas will be emitted as our capacity to absorb the gas. Net zero means net zero carbon emissions i.e. emitting the same amount of carbon, which is not harmful to life. Do not be harmful to the environment.

How to achieve net-zero target?

After this statement of Prime Minister Modi, questions are being raised that how the Railways will achieve this goal. Let us inform that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also talked about One Sun, One Grid. There is a lot of emphasis on solar power in India. India has built the world's first airport equipped with solar energy. in Cochin. The trial of running the railway with solar power is also going on in India. Solar energy is the cleanest energy. It does not emit greenhouse gases.

Will achieve the goal of 'Net Zero' with Solar Energy?

There are many states of India, where the brightness of the sun is very high. The Government of India is considering to operate trains in those states with solar energy. Not only this, the Government of India has also approved the mixture of ethanol in petrol. In this way, India is working together on many fronts towards clean energy. Therefore, it is expected that soon India will also achieve the goal of making Railways 'Net Zero'.