Rocketry The Nambi Effect review: R Madhavan's film Rocketry will make you emotional

Pankaj Prasad
Rocketry The Nambi Effect
Rocketry The Nambi Effect

Rocketry The Nambi Effects is a story of great scientist Nambi Narayan's historical achievement, passion and struggle.

Is cinema only a means of entertainment, this question is often asked, but if you notice, this is an art, which has not only affected the life and thinking of the common man, but also makes it uncomfortable at times. Rocketry The Nambi Effects is a story of great scientist Nambi Narayan's historical achievement, passion and struggle. Seeing which you are emotional, the failure of the system makes you uncomfortable as well as you cannot stop yourself from being thankful to producer-director and actor R Madhavan for introducing you to the story of this great scientist. About which very few people know, whereas every Indian should know the story of this unsung hero. The VFX of the film has also become good.

This story will make you emotional

The Nambi Effects is the story of our country's great scientist Nambi Narayan, whose invention development has given the country a special place in space science, he even refused the job of NASA for his country, but the system of our country gave him only him. Calling him a traitor, he and his family were thrown into the vortex of troubles. This film is also the story of his struggle to fight against these false allegations. The story of the first half of the film is the story of his becoming a great scientist, then in the second half, he is scolded by a traitor after battling it and proving his innocence. The story of the film also raises the question that if the Supreme Court had declared Nambi Narayan innocent, then who was the real culprit. Why he was not punished. Did this happen at the behest of America? The story of the film makes you emotional. The dialogues of the film fill a different spirit while taking a realistic touch. The composition of the scenes in the film is interesting. The film is effective from its very first scene. There is an association with the very first scene in the film. Talking about the flaws, the film is on rocket science, so many technical terms and experiments seem incomprehensible, but the film connects completely emotionally and this is the victory of the film.

Madhavan is awesome

R Madhavan has completely imbibed the role of Nambi Narayan with looks, gestures. The film is completely on his shoulders and he has fulfilled this responsibility very well. Simran has also supported Madhavan very well on screen. She brings forth the mental state of a wife with gusto. The presence of G. Shahrukh Khan in the film is splendid. Other characters including Rajit Kapoor have also supported well.

Watch or not

This is such a story, which should be seen by every generation along with today's youth so that we can know these unsung heroes of the country, as well as learn from this story that how much to accept someone guilty before the court convicts them. happens wrong.