Due to rain in Nepal, on Bagmati boom, 14 panchayats of Katra, Bihar lost contact with the block headquarters

Pankaj Prasad
 Flood in Bihar
Flood in Bihar

The water level of major rivers Bagmati and Lakhandei is increasing continuously in Katra block area.

Due to the rain in Nepal, Bagmati has started to swell. The river is flowing just 85 cm below the red mark. Due to this there is an atmosphere of panic in the low-lying areas of Aurai, Katra and Gaighat. At the same time, the water level of major rivers Bagmati and Lakhandei is increasing continuously in Katra block area. Due to the rise in water level, people have started worrying about floods. In the northern part of the block, 14 panchayats of Basghatta, Changel, Katai, Jaguar East, Jaguar West, Jaguar Central, Lakhanpur, Nagwara, Pahsaul, Belpakauna, Bandhapura, Tehbara, Barri and others have been affected by the flood on both sides of the Pipa bridge connecting the block headquarters. The water has spread. Road connectivity of 14 panchayats has been disrupted due to the spread of about two feet of water on the road up to Bakuchi Chowk on the northern side of the Pipa bridge and up to the Bagmati project dam in the south.

Vegetable cultivation ruined in hundreds of acres

Due to the rise in water level, the flood water has started spreading in the lower part of the villages including Bakuchi, Patari, Nawada, Andama, Barri, Basant, Tehbara. Bakuchi resident Hanshraj Bhagat and others said that vegetable cultivation in hundreds of acres has been ruined due to the rise in water level. CO Parasnath Rai said that all preparations have been made for the rescue from the floods. The administration is ready to deal with everything.

Bagmati in Sitamarhi above danger mark at many places

Due to the increase in the water level of Gandak river in Motihari and Sitamarhi, the connectivity of Motihari to Sheohar, Sitamarhi remained disrupted even on Thursday. Here the water of Lalbakeya and Bagmati river flowing through the eastern part of the district is spreading through the broken embankment of Devapur in the low-lying areas of villages like Belwa, Jihuli, Kharhaniya, Alserpur, Padumker etc. Due to this the crops of Parwal, Banana etc. have been ruined.

Increased water level of Bagmati and Lakhandei rivers

At the same time, in Sitamarhi, the water level of Bagmati Bagmati has reached above the danger mark at many places. According to the report of District Flood Disaster Control Room at 3 pm, due to less rain, the water level has come down in Dubbaghat, Chandauli and Kataujha.

Two lakh 64 hundred cusecs of water released from Gandak barrage

Valmikinagar: Two lakh 64 hundred cusecs of water was released into the Gandak river from Gandak Barrage Valmikinagar till 2 pm on Thursday. In the afternoon, the water level of the Gandak river has decreased due to the stoppage of rain in the mountainous areas including the Terai of Nepal. Due to this the people of the Terai areas of the Gandak river have breathed a sigh of relief. Executive Engineer Subodh Chaudhary said that all the personnel have been put on high alert and a close watch is being kept on the water level.