Preparations intensify in Deoghar for the arrival of PM Modi, will become the first Prime Minister to worship in Baba te

Pankaj Prasad
PM Modi in Deoghar
PM Modi in Deoghar

Preparations are going on in the city on a war footing for the arrival of PM Modi to Deoghar on 12th July.

Preparations have intensified for the arrival of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Deoghar on July 12. Huge hoardings have been decorated to welcome PM Modi at various squares and intersections. Hoardings have also been put up at two or three places at Tower Chowk. At the same time, the work of all the roads has also accelerated. The work of about two km long road from Pandey shop to Kunda Mod in Airport Road has been completed in just 24 hours. Apart from this, the work of cleaning and leveling has also started in Deoghar College regarding the public meeting of the Prime Minister. After the Chief Secretary's visit to Deoghar, the district administration has raced in preparation for the arrival of the Prime Minister.

Speed ​​up the work of roads on all routes

On the other hand, during the Prime Minister's arrival at Deoghar, the work of repair and beautification of all the roads from the airport to Baba Mandir and Deoghar College route has been expedited. Rambadan Singh, Executive Engineer of PWD, inspected the ongoing works on Friday and directed to expedite the work everywhere. At the same time, he praised MK Construction, the agency working to prepare the road from the airport to Kunda Mor in 24 hours.

Corporation administration also raced

The corporation administration has also become a race regarding the Prime Minister's program. All the work going on in and around Baba Mandir by the Municipal Corporation Deoghar has accelerated. The Municipal Commissioner has visited and directed to expedite the construction of drain and repair of all the roads leading to Baba Mandir. On the other hand, action has also been taken to remove encroachment in all the routes leading to the Baba Mandir towards the corporation, especially in the area where the Prime Minister's convoy will pass. The Municipal Commissioner has warned all the shopkeepers to remove the encroachment soon or else it will be forcibly removed and fine will also be collected.

PM's route from airport to Baba Mandir and Deoghar College will be decorated

During the arrival of the Prime Minister, all the routes from the airport to Baba Mandir and Deoghar College will be decorated. On one hand the corporation administration is busy in beautification. On the other hand, preparations are also being made by the BJP to decorate it by putting up hoardings, banners, flags. To welcome the Prime Minister and to make the public meeting historic, all the wings of the Bharatiya Janata Party have started making full preparations. For this Godda MP Dr Nishikant Dubey himself has been camped in Deoghar.

Preparations to welcome Prime Minister Narendra Modi with conch shell in Baba Mandir

Narendra Modi will be the first Prime Minister to worship in Baba Mandir. Earlier, from Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to Rajiv Gandhi, there has been an arrival in Babanagari and PM Narendra Modi has also come, but all had come only for the election meeting. This will be the first time that any Prime Minister will visit Baba Mandir. In view of this, preparations are being made vigorously in the temple. There should be no shortage in the welcome of the PM, the temple administration is also taking full care of it. On the instructions of the DC, the chief manager of the temple has started preparations from now to welcome the PM to conduct the puja.

PM Modi will stay in the temple for about 25 minutes

According to the information received from the temple sources, as soon as the PM enters the administrative building from the VIP gate, he will be given a grand welcome with conch shell. After this, the PM will directly enter the sanctum sanctorum of Baba Mandir. There, apart from the ancestral priest of the PM, there will be only four Vedic Pandits and Sardar Panda and select officers. It is being told that after the PM enters the temple, he will stay in the temple for about 25 minutes. During this, apart from worship, there will also be a program to welcome him. Apart from silk dhoti, garlands of Momento and Rudraksh will be presented to the PM from the temple. The final list of all preparations will be sent to the PMO, only after getting the consent from there, the program will be finalized.