SpiceJet plane emergency landing at Delhi airport, smoke emanates from the cabin

Pankaj Prasad
SpiceJet plane emergency landing
SpiceJet plane emergency landing

Smoke was noticed in the cabin of a SpiceJet flight from Delhi to Jabalpur this morning, following which the aircraft made an emergency landing at the Delhi airport.

SpiceJet plane made emergency landing at Delhi airport. While taking off from Delhi to Jabalpur, the pilot made an emergency landing after seeing smoke rising from the cabin of the aircraft. 

According to news agency ANI, the Delhi-Jabalpur SpiceJet aircraft (SG-2962) had to make a return landing at the Delhi airport on Saturday morning when the cabin crew noticed smoke rising inside the plane, flying at an altitude of 5,000 feet. . SpiceJet spokesperson said that all the passengers have been landed safely at the Delhi airport. A video by news agency ANI showed passengers blowing themselves through newspapers and airline booklets as smoke entered the cabin. 

Saurabh Chhabra, a passenger, shared the video on Twitter. Together he wrote that he had to face this incident this morning. It seems that SpiceJet is now unsafe for travel. Once the passengers started panicking, they have returned back to Delhi. The plane caught fire. Thankfully we are safe He also wrote He is waiting for the flight for a long time but SpiceJet does not have a backup. 

Let us tell you that in the last few days, there have been frequent incidents in SpiceJet planes, due to which the safety of passengers is also being questioned. On June 19, a sudden fire broke out in a SpiceJet flight bound for Delhi at Patna airport. The plane made an emergency landing at the airport. It is being told that 185 passengers were on board when the plane caught fire.

Emergency landing of SpiceJet aircraft going from Delhi to Jabalpur

At the same time, on June 19, the SpiceJet plane going from Delhi to Jabalpur had a technical fault after taking off. After this, emergency landing of the aircraft was done at IGI Airport Terminal-1. At that time 82 passengers including crew members were on board the plane.