New system for early Darshanam entry in Baba Mandir, Combined Control Room will be ready by July 10

Pankaj Prasad
New system for early Darshan
New system for early Darshan

Preparations for Shravani Mela are in the final stage in Baba Nagari, Deoghar.

A new system of early Darshanam entry has been started in Baba Mandir. On the opening of the counter on Saturday, the issuance of smart admit cards was started under the new system. Its temple manager Prakash Mishra did a trial for an hour. After the trial was completely successful, it was now decided to implement this system completely on Sunday. Smart entry cards were made available to 1342 pilgrims as a trial on the first day. As soon as the card is inserted in the entry gate, the gate opens for two seconds. The complete report of the commissioning of the new system has been sent to the DC including the temple in-charge.

Combined control room will be ready by July 10

Shravani MelaThere is now less than two weeks left for the Shravani Mela to start. There is a possibility of unexpected crowd this time due to the organization of Shravani Mela after two years. Keeping this in mind, the district administration is making better arrangements for safety and security for providing accessible water to the Kanwariyas. The construction work of the Combined Control Room on four thousand square feet located at Nehru Park in the fair has almost been completed. The contractor claims that by July 10, all the work related to the building has been claimed to be completed. At the same time, there should not be any problem in going to the queue during the fair and waiting for your turn in the queue. For this, the work of making fast pandals in the route line is going on. To go to the queue, the work of making a pandal in the route line from the street next to Ram Jharokha on BN Jha Road to Jalsar Park has been completed.

This arrangement will be under combined control

Under the Prasad scheme in the Nehru Park complex, many facilities will be arranged under one roof in the Combined Control Room being built in four thousand square feet of 2.5 crores. Building G+2 has been built. 10 toilets and 10 bathrooms have been built on its ground floor. At the same time, there are reception and office on the first floor and two halls of 2080 square feet on the second floor in which a combined control room has been made. Where the top officers of the district will continue to monitor the activities of the entire city through CCTV and give directions. According to the convenience in this control room, arrangements will be made for the police force and officers to stay in the reserve.

Corporation's locker room will also be operated

A permanent locker room is being built by the Municipal Corporation in the Nehru Park complex. The kanwariyas who come here can keep their face safe and go for ablution. Its work is also going on fast. The locker room can also be used on days other than Shravani Mela.