In Patna, 95 houses were bulldozed, bombs thrown in protest, tear gas shells fired in response, 25 arrested

Pankaj Prasad
Bulldozer action in patna
Bulldozer action in patna

Apart from the City SP, more than a dozen police forces were injured, while a woman constable's leg was also broken.

In Digha's 1024.25-acre Nepali Nagar, on Sunday, the administration took action to demolish the houses built on the housing board's land. In the action of about 13 and a half hours from 3.30 am to 5 pm, 75 houses were completely demolished and 20 partially demolished by the administration. Actually, on Sunday, the entire team of administration along with more than 500 police force reached the spot. During this, there was a fierce ruckus between the police and the encroachers. On one hand the encroachers were throwing petrol bombs at the police and on the other the police were firing tear gas shells at the crowd. There was heavy stone pelting from both the sides. In this incident, a stone was hit on the face of City SP Central Ambrish Rahul, due to which he was seriously injured. He was immediately sent to the hospital for treatment.

The campaign lasted for 13 and a half hours, still many houses are yet to be captured

Apart from the City SP, more than a dozen police forces were injured, while a woman constable's leg was also broken. Seeing the situation getting serious, DM Dr. Chandrashekhar Singh and SSP Manavjit Singh Dhillon also reached with force. Due to this ruckus between the police and the encroachers, the process of demolishing the house came to a complete halt for almost three hours and all the bulldozers came on the back foot. After this, the police made a strategy and surrounded the entire area and lathi-charged the encroachers, after which everyone hid in their respective homes. The action to demolish the houses went on till late in the evening.

When 14 bulldozers fell short, two Poklanes were also ordered

The district administration had called for 14 bulldozers for action, but when there was a delay in demolition of the house, the team also ordered two Poklanes. As soon as Poklain came, the big construction was destroyed in hours. During this, apart from about 500 policemen, 25 to 30 officers were also present. At the same time, more than six vehicles of the fire brigade were standing on the road to deal with the fire. An ambulance was also called by the police. During the action, police of other police stations including Shastrinagar, Buddha Colony, Rajivnagar, Patliputra, Digha were also called.

Notice of 20 acres, JCB moved in 40 acres

In fact, at the end of April, a notice was issued by Patna CO Sadar, ordering to vacate 20 acres of land in Kanchanpuri located in Nepali Nagar. In the notice, the local people were told that this land belongs to the Housing Board. You guys have encroached, vacate it. Then after three hearings, on June 20, a notice was issued by the CO, ordering everyone to vacate the house within a week. When the encroachers did not vacate the house, the district administration on Sunday got the house demolished in 40 acres with a bulldozer.

what has happened so far

The district administration team destroyed 75 houses completely, 20 were partially demolished. The remaining five houses were given 24 hours. A total of 500 forces were present. 25 people, including the president of Digha Krishi Bhoomi Awas Bachao Sangharsh Samiti, Shrinath Singh, were arrested and sent to jail. At the same time, five vehicles were also seized.