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Russia made a big announcement for India in front of China, everyone was stunned

Amit Kumar Jha
Russia made big announcement
Russia made big announcement

Russia has once again supported India's permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

Russia on UNSC Reform: Russia , embroiled in a war with Ukraine, has once again supported India's permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). Russia said that it has agreed on the claim of India and Brazil for permanent member (UNSC Reform) in the council. But he will not support Germany and Japan for this. Russian Ambassador to China Andrey Denisov said this on Monday.

Security Council needs reform

The plenary session of the United Nations World Peace Forum was held in Beijing on Monday. In this session, Denisov said that the Security Council has become a den of propaganda for Western countries. It has become a place where western countries propagate their ideas by presenting them as the ultimate truth. Therefore, now there is an urgent need to reform the Security Council (UNSC Reform). 

No support for Germany-Japan

The Russian ambassador said that his country is in favor of expanding the composition of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC Reform) on the basis of broad consensus. To do this, the share of African, Asian and Latin American states needs to be increased. He said that Russia is ready to support the membership of India and Brazil but not for Germany and Japan. The reason for this is that by becoming permanent members of these countries, the internal balance of the council will not change and it will remain as it is. 

India is demanding its right from the world

Let us tell you that India is preparing to emerge as the new superpower of the world. For this, there has been a demand for permanent membership of the Security Council from India for a long time. To push for its demand, India has formed a temporary alliance with Japan, Germany, Brazil and South Africa. Under this alliance, all the countries support each other's claim. 

China remains an obstacle in the way of India

To become a permanent member of the council, it is necessary to get the support of its five permanent members. India has the support of the permanent members of the Council, America, Britain, France and Russia, although China has put a halt to it. He has not yet opened his cards on this issue and wants to hang it for a long time under the guise of more discussion. However, regardless of the dragon, India is constantly under pressure on the powerful countries of the world.