In two days, 50 acres of land in Nepali Nagar has been vacated, now the housing board will take the land under siege

Pankaj Prasad
Bulldozer action in patna
Bulldozer action in patna

After the action of Sunday and Monday, the administration has got 50 acres of land of Bihar State Housing Board encroachment free in Nepali Nagar.

After the action of Sunday and Monday, the administration has made 50 acres of land of Bihar State Housing Board encroachment free in Nepali Nagar. A total of 95 structures, including the houses present here, have been demolished with the help of bulldozers. Most of the construction was demolished on Sunday itself.

Administration occupied 50 acres of land

The remaining five houses were demolished on Monday. They were given 24 hours by the administration. After this period was over, they were also disbanded. This action of the administration lasted till around 4.30 pm on Monday. The administration has taken possession of 50 acres of land that has been cleared from encroachment. Now this land will be cordoned off, so that there is no encroachment again.

FIR against 34 people in two days

It has been said from the administration that a total of 34 people have been arrested for spreading disturbance during the drive to remove the encroachment. Of these, 25 people were arrested on July 3 and nine on July 4. Two FIRs have been registered on Monday. A total of four FIRs have been registered so far.

Address will have to be changed in the document given three occasions

People whose houses have been demolished in Nepali Nagar will also face problems in the coming days. First of all they have to change the permanent address given in the polling list. Now they will have to give a new address, because the place where the voters were, they are no longer residents of that place. Apart from this, the document in which these people have given their address will also have to be changed. For example in Aadhar, PAN card, insurance documents etc.

Life's capital invested in the house, everything is over in a few hours

On Monday, it was clarified by the Patna district administration that this land of Rajiv Nagar, Mauja Digha is the land of Bihar State Housing Board only. It has not been allotted to any other organization so far. The DM has requested the Managing Director of Bihar State Housing Board, Patna regarding the setting up of a board by siege the encroachment-free land with barbed wire. The DM has said that while deputing a nodal officer, the board should be set up by fencing at the earliest after getting the full details of the vacated land of the housing board from the CO of Patna Sadar.

DM said

DM Dr Chandrashekhar Singh said that some people of Rajiv Nagar had filed a petition in the court. People had told the court that the process of land acquisition is wrong. People had challenged this and the matter went to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court had also accepted this as correct and said that there is no error anywhere in the process.

given a lot of time

He told that people have not taken the money, but according to the rules, there is a provision that the money of such people will be deposited in the court. Whoever is the concerned person, they can take money by applying. If the money is not taken, the land acquisition will become illegal, there is no such rule or law. The Supreme Court has also made this point completely clear.