Why there was uproar in Pakistan over The Kapil Sharma Show, a war of words broke out

Rachna Kumari
Kapil Sharma Show
Kapil Sharma Show

The Kapil Sharma Show Controversy: The Kapil Sharma Show is currently off air and despite this, the show is in discussion, especially on the social media of Pakistan and India, there has been a lot of uproar about it.

The Kapil Sharma Show News: The Kapil Sharma Show is India's popular celebrity talk show, in which fun and jokes are also seen a lot. The popularity of this show is such that the visitors to it are not only from the country but also from abroad. Not only Indians but foreigners also like this show very much. At present, this show is off air, despite this, discussions of Kapil Sharma Show are happening a lot in the neighboring country of Pakistan as well. Let us tell the reason for this.

Pakistani comedian stole the format?

The matter is that a comedian from Pakistan, Tabish Hashmi, has started a show named Laughing Mana Hai. It is being said on social media that this show has been made by stealing the format of The Kapil Sharma Show. When this news reached Udte Udte Comedian Tabish Hashmi, he too has given his answer on this, but it turned out to be a scolding task for the thief in reverse.

Tabish Hashmi accuses Kapil Sharma only

Seeing this matter catching up, Pakistani comedian Tabish Hashmi told in an interview to Geo TV that he has not copied the format of Kapil Sharma Show at all, but Kapil Sharma has stolen his concept. According to him, Kapil Sharma stole his concept but no one ever raised questions on it. He has accused Kapil Sharma of stealing the concept of Jio TV's show Chauraha. Apart from this, he said that the set of Lahore has been made in the show Laughing is forbidden, while the set of Delhi has been installed in The Kapil Sharma Show. Now since Delhi and Lahore are almost the same, it looks similar. but it's not like that. 

no reaction from kapil sharma

At the same time, this news is catching a lot on social media, but till now no reaction has come from Kapil Sharma. These days Kapil is on a foreign tour with the entire cast of the show, where he has many shows to be held, currently he is enjoying a lot in Canada.