Police is behind Haseena, work on the sequel of Taapsee's hit film begins

Rachna Kumari
Taapsee Pannu Upcoming Films
Taapsee Pannu Upcoming Films

Taapsee Pannu is a busy actor these days. Whether the films play or not, she is working continuously. His attempt is to keep a foothold.

Taapsee Pannu Upcoming Films: Film makers want to capitalize on successful films in every way, as a result of this, as soon as a film becomes a hit, their brains start racing on its sequel. This is what is happening with Taapsee Pannu's OTT hit film Haseen Dilruba. It is reported that the work of the sequel of this thriller, which came on Netflix in July 2021, has been handed over to the writer, so that he can quickly write the story and make a film and release it by next year. Haseen Dilruba was a thriller in which the heroine is accused of killing her husband and her lover is missing. Now what is the truth of the whole matter, it is revealed at the end of the film.

Kya Thi Kahani, Kya Hoga Sequel

Taapsee Pannu, Vikrant Massey, Harshvardhan Rane, Aditya Srivastava Starrer This film was directed by Vinil Mathew. It is reported that the writer of the film Kanika Dhillon has started work on the sequel. In the sequel, it will be told that the police is behind Taapsee. The police case is that Rani Kashyap i.e. Taapsee's engineer husband Rishu (Vikrant Massey) was burnt to death in the house. Police suspects Taapsee. But in reality Rishu is alive and the death is of his aunt's son Neel (Harshavardhan). who was after the queen. Rani and Rishu were shown together in the climax of the film. Will the police be able to solve this whole matter and the truth will come before the world, the sequel will answer these questions.

When will Taapsee take out time

? The makers definitely want the sequel of Haseen Dilruba to be released soon, but will Taapsee be able to find time for the sequel soon. She is very busy these days. His well-wishing Mithu is all set to release this month. After this, after Anurag Kashyap's Dobara and his home production film Blur with Ajay Bahl and Woh Ladki Hai Kahan, he has films like director Rajkumar Hirani's Dinki with Shah Rukh Khan. However, Taapsee would also like to do this sequel as Haseen Dilruba was the most watched film in Hindi on Netflix in 2021.