Strict instructions given by CM Yogi regarding Bakrid, said this on Kanwar Yatra

Amit Kumar Jha
UP CM Yogi Adityanath
UP CM Yogi Adityanath

UP CM Yogi Adityanath reviewed the law and order regarding upcoming festivals including Bakrid, Shravan month, Kanwar Yatra.

CM Yogi instructions About Bakrid Have to be careful. He asked the officials to deal with those issuing mischievous statements with a "zero tolerance" policy and strict action should be taken against those trying to vitiate the atmosphere.

Place marked for sacrifice on Bakrid

CM Yogi has given instructions to mark a place for sacrifice on the upcoming festival Bakrid. He has said that there should not be any sacrifice, especially in disputed places, other than the designated place and in every case it should be ensured that the banned animal is not sacrificed anywhere.

instructions to officers

The Chief Minister reviewed law and order in view of Bakrid, Nag Panchami, Raksha Bandhan, Shravan month, Kanwar Yatra etc. with all the Zonal Inspectors General of Police, Divisional Commissioners, Police Commissioners through video conferencing at his official residence on Wednesday. According to a government statement, he took information from the officials about the preparations, action plans and arrangements in view of the upcoming festivals and festivals including Bakrid, Shravan month, Kanwar Yatra.

'Creating an atmosphere of peace and harmony'

CM Yogi said, 'In the last days, the traffic was not affected due to goodbye prayers in the month of Ramzan and religious works on the occasion of Eid. In many districts, due to lack of space, prayers were offered in shifts with better coordination. This effort has been appreciated all over the country. This time on the occasion of Bakrid, we will have to keep the same system in force. Hold a meeting of the Peace Committee, take the cooperation of the media, so that the atmosphere of peace and harmony is maintained.

'Action should be taken against those who made mischievous statements'

He asked the officials to deal with the policy of 'absolutely non-tolerance' to those issuing mischievous statements and strict action should be taken against the chaotic elements trying to vitiate the atmosphere, as there is no need for such people in a civilized society. There should be no space. He said that all necessary facilities should be made available during the festival, religious tradition/faith should be respected, but new tradition should not be started.

These instructions were given regarding Kavand Yatra

The Chief Minister said, 'Kavand Yatra is an event of enthusiasm with faith. Traditionally dance, song, music have been a part of it. In such a situation, devotees should not be harassed. Make sure that the sound of DJ, song-music etc. is as per the prescribed standards and only religious songs and hymns are played in it. There should be no display of weapons in religious tours/processions. Let no such incident happen, which hurts the sentiments of people of other religions.

CM Yogi Adityanath said that it should be ensured that while respecting the faith of the devotees, there is no open sale and purchase of meat etc. anywhere on the Kanwar Yatra route and there should be street light facility. The Chief Minister said, 'Ghaziabad-Haridwar road remains the most busy from the point of view of Kanwar Yatra. Devotees from other states also come here. For this, make dialogue with the border states also. Along with this, the traffic route should also be changed keeping in view the number of devotees on other travel routes.