Big update on 3 projects including new Ganga bridge, four lane road in Bhagalpur, what minister Nitin Naveen said

Pankaj Prasad
Ganga bridge four lane road in Bhagalpur
Ganga bridge four lane road in Bhagalpur

Road construction minister of Bihar government Nitin Naveen has given a statement regarding three big projects related to Bhagalpur.

Road construction minister Nitin Naveen has given a statement regarding three big projects in Bhagalpur. Big information has come to the fore regarding the new four-lane road being built in the district and the new bridge being built on the Ganges. Know about the construction work of Munger-Mirzachowki Fourlane, Aguwani Ghat Sultanganj Bridge and the bridge to be built parallel to Vikramshila Setu over Ganga...

Munger-Mirzachowki four lane road

The construction work of new four lane road between Munger-Mirza Chowk is going on. With the completion of this new road, people of many cities including Bhagalpur will get ease in traffic. At the same time, the city will also get freedom from the problem of traffic due to the movement of heavy vehicles. This road will be built in four phases. In which the screw was stuck in the construction work of the fourth phase.

work of the fourth package

The construction work of new four-lane road between Munger-Mirza Chowk is in dispute due to land acquisition issue at some places. On Thursday, Road Construction Minister Nitin Naveen said that Munger-Mirza Chowki four lane is being built. This road will be ready in four packages. Work will be started from the contracting agency by giving 18 appointments for the fourth package.

Parallel bridge of Vikramshila Setu

Another big project is waiting to start in Bhagalpur. A four-lane road bridge is to be prepared on the Ganges parallel to Vikramshila Setu. Regarding the parallel bridge to be built on the river Ganga, the Minister of Road Construction Department said that the financial bit has been opened. The construction work of the bridge will start after the rains. Please tell that the construction of this bridge will be done by SP Singla Agency. This bridge is to be built on EPC mode. This bridge will be constructed at a cost of 994.31 crores.

sultanganj led ghat bridge

Regarding the Aguwani Ghat Sultanganj bridge, the minister said that the report would be submitted by the investigating agency in the next 15 days. The report of the concerned Consultant Designer has also been sought. All the three IITs have done the investigation. Action will be taken against the guilty in this. On the question of repeatedly giving time extensions to the contracting agency, he said that he is getting the work done continuously. Because of this, time extension has been given in view of their work. This time there is a time extension till December. The bridge will be ready by December.