ED raids on 18 places of CM Hemant Soren's MLA representative Pankaj Mishra and others, Rs 3 crore recovered

Pankaj Prasad
Pankaj Mishra
Pankaj Mishra

3 crore rupees were seized during the raids.

Ranchi: ED raided 18 places of 14 people including JMM leader Pankaj Mishra, MLA representative of Hemant Soren on Friday in connection with tender dispute. People related to the business of mining have been included in the scope of the raid. The ED has taken this action on the allegation of money laundering in a case related to managing the tender registered at Barharwa police station.

During the raid, till the writing of the news, about three crore rupees in cash and documents related to business activities have been seized. Due to being out of the state, Pankaj Mishra has been called to Delhi for questioning. Ferry operator Dahu Yadav is also reported to be out of the state.

Apart from this, raids were also conducted at five places in Bengal. The ED searched two people at locations in Sultanganj and Golapganj in Malda. Investigation operations were also conducted in Birbhum, Jhargram and Ashoknagar areas of North 24 Parganas, from where some documents and electronic devices have been seized. The people whose bases were raided are associated with the business of transport and stone chips.

Documents related to business activities seized:

The ED raided the premises of the concerned people in Sahibganj, Rajmahal and Barharwa in Santalpargana on Friday morning. The hideouts of Pankaj Mishra and related stone traders and contractors were included in the scope of the raid. Documents related to business activities were seized during this period. It also includes important information related to the legal and illegal trade of stones.

In the raid, the named accused in this case Pankaj Mishra was not found at his house. Family members were informed about Pankaj going out of state for treatment. After this, the ED officials contacted him over the phone and instructed him to return if there was no obstruction in the treatment. Pankaj Mishra reached Delhi on the instructions of ED. There he is being questioned by ED officials. A big iron vault has been found in Dahu Yadav's house. Three crore rupees in cash have been seized from the premises of stone trader Heera Bhagat.

ED had registered an FIR in the year 2022 on the basis of the FIR registered in the case of tender dispute at Barharwa police station in the year 2020 on charges of money laundering. In this, Pankaj Mishra was made a named accused.

ED had recorded the statement of Shambhu Nandan Kumar in this case recently. After recording the statement of Shambhu Nandan, the ED had confiscated his mobile which was claimed to be called by Pankaj Mishra to verify the facts. ED had sent the phone for forensic examination. ED has information about getting some more important information. Along with this, on June 19, 2020, a video clip related to the uproar in the Panchayat Bhawan was found.

raids on their premises

At the residence of MLA representative Pankaj Mishra in Sahibganj, at the locations of Chhotu Yadav (stone trader) in Sahibganj.

Raids the whereabouts of Vedu Khudani Pankaj and his related stone traders and contractors or (stone traders) at the locations of Sahibganj.

Dahu Yadav

(Ferry Operator) at the locations of Sahibganj

Sanjay Dewan (Jewelers) of Barharwa, Sahibganj

on bases

At the locations of Krishna Saha (stone trader) located at Risaur

At the bases of Lord Bhagat (stone trader) at Barharwa, Sahibganj

Bhavesh Bhagat (stone trader) at the bases of Barharwa, Sahibganj

Subrata Pal (Stone Trader) at the bases located at Mirza Chowki, Barharwa

At the bases of Patru Singh's Mirza post

At the bases of Twinkle Bhagat's Mirza post, Raju Bhagat's at the bases of Mircha post

At the bases of Sonu Singh (stone trader and ferry operator) located in the palace.

At the bases of Nimai Sheel (stone and sand trader) located in Barhait

Tender dispute took place in Barharwa in 2020

ED has registered a case of money laundering regarding the tender dispute in Barharwa of Sahibganj. An FIR was lodged against many people including Hemant Soren's representative Pankaj Mishra.

In this case, two other people had also lodged an FIR against Shambhu Nandan Kumar on behalf of the opposing side. ED had sought full details of the FIR related to the tender dispute in Barharwa police station. Contractor Shambhu Nandan was stopped from participating in the tender process and had sought information related to it, this matter came to light when the audio of Shambhu's conversation with Pankaj Mishra and Minister Alamgir Alam went viral, after which Alam was accused of managing the tender. In the audio, Shambhu was asked not to participate in the tender process.