Delete these apps from Android Smartphone quickly, save your smartphone from being hacked

Pankaj Prasad
Joker Malware
Joker Malware

Joker Malware is back on the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store Joker Malware: There are countless apps on the Google Play Store. Thousands of suggestions come up as soon as you search for any one name. Many times such apps are also found in the apps present in Google's Play Store, in which you also get malware and viruses. In such a situation, it becomes our responsibility before downloading any app from Play Store, get its information thoroughly. Always read the developer and review. Recently, Google has said that some apps in its Play Store are suffering from Joker Malware. This malware hacks the downloaded smartphone and downloads many types of virus-infected apps in the smartphone.

These things came out in Pradeo's report

In a report by cyber security research firm Pradeo, it has been revealed that this virus has been found in 4 apps present in the Play Store. These include Smart Messages, Blood Pressure Monitor, Voice Languages ​​Translator and Quick Text SMS. If you have downloaded any of these apps on your smartphone, then there is a chance that your smartphone has been infected with this virus.

These apps removed from Google Play Store

As soon as the research team got information about this virus, they immediately informed Google about it. After getting the information, Google took further action and deleted these apps from the Play store. Let us tell you that before deleting these apps, more than 1 lakh people have downloaded these apps. If you have also downloaded any of these apps, then you too have fallen into the trap of this virus. In the initial phase, this virus frauds through SMS, but later it hacks the mobile completely. This virus works so easily that you will not even know that your phone has been hacked.