Munger's Naxalite Area Commander BDO Koda arrested with Naxalite girlfriend from UP, reward of 50 thousand rupees

Pankaj Prasad
 BDO Koda arrested
BDO Koda arrested

The Bihar government has also announced a reward of Rs 50,000 against him.

Area commander BDO Koda of Munger-Jamui-Lakhisarai of Maoist organization along with his Naxalite girlfriend Polly Kumari was arrested by Jamalpur STF from Gautam Budh Nagar in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. More than two dozen cases including murder, extortion, kidnapping are registered against both of them in different police stations. The police were continuously raiding for his arrest. The Bihar government has also announced a reward of Rs 50,000 against him. The arrested Naxalite is a resident of Paisara village of Ladayatand police station area of ​​Munger district, while Poli is a resident of Barmasia in Lakhisarai.

Arrest on the basis of mobile location

SP Jagunathreddy Jalareddy said that information was received that Naxalite BDO Koda, a reward of 50 thousand, is absconding with female Naxalite member Poli Kumari. Information was constantly being gathered about him. During this time it was found that he is hiding in Bisrakh area of ​​Gautam Budh Nagar in UP. After this, with the help of Jamalpur STF and Munger Police, raids were conducted there on July 9. From where BDO Koda alias Karelal Koda, resident of Paisara of Ladayatand police station area of ​​Munger district and Poli Kumar, resident of Barmasia of Kajra police station area of ​​Lakhisarai district were arrested. It is said that both were arrested on the basis of mobile location with the help of local police of UP.

BDO ran with Poli only 15-20 days ago

It is said that the arrested Naxalite BDO Koda alias Karelal Koda is a member of the guerrilla squad of the Maoist organization and has carried out many major Naxalite operations. A women's squad also used to accompany its squad, which included Polly Kumari. During this, love blossomed between the two. But the tension between the two families associated with the Naxalite organization increased. Poli is said to be a relative of Baleshwar Koda, who recently surrendered before the police. In the past, Baleshwar had also assaulted BDO Koda. He had run to Polly in the past too.

Where many naxalites surrendered

The SP said that due to the action of the police in recent days, many Naxalites surrendered. At the same time, many Naxalites were arrested by the police and sent to jail. After this, Poli made up his mind to surrender on the BDO whip, but later decided that we go out and work for a few days and collect some money. After that I will surrender. Suddenly 15-20 days ago, both of them left the organization and fled and reached Noida. From where both were arrested.

More than 20 cases registered

The SP said that BDO Koda has been associated with the Maoist organization for a long time. In the past, he used to arrange food, water, ammunition, ammunition for the Maoists. Later he became a member of the guerrilla squad. He has done many serious Naxalite incidents. More than two dozen cases are registered against BDO in different police stations of Munger, Jamui, Lakhisarai districts. In Munger's Bariarpur, Ladaitand, Dharhara, Kharagpur where he is absconding in 12 cases. At the same time, a case is also registered in Piri Bazar, Kajra police station of Lakhisarai and Khaira and Laxmipur police station of Jamui, whose record is being searched. At the same time, more than half a dozen cases are registered against Poli Kumari in various police stations. A case is registered against him in Ladayatand, Piribazar and Chachan police stations.

Working to strengthen the organization

Munger. Paramilitary forces, STF and district forces are continuously conducting raids against the Naxalites. Three Naxalites including three hardcore Naxalites Baleshwar Koda surrendered before the police. While half a dozen Naxalites were arrested. Due to this the organization got completely weakened in Munger, Jamui, Lakhisarai. But there are still more than 10 big Naxalite leaders and guerrilla squad members who are trying to strengthen the organization.

Now the only option is to surrender or shoot the police

It is said that Parvesh Da is in the big name of Naxalites, on which Bihar government has declared a reward of five lakh and Jharkhand government has declared a reward of 25 lakh rupees. While the Bihar government has announced a reward of one lakh on Arvind Yadav, one lakh on Suresh Koda, 50 thousand on Ravana Koda and 50 thousand on Renuka. While 10 other Naxalites including the infamous Naxalite Bahadur Koda, Narayan Koda, Dayanand Koda, Gola Sah are still out. SP Jagunathreddy Jalareddy said that the Naxalites now have only two options, whether to surrender or face the bullet of the police.

Has given the result to many serious Naxalite incidents

Munger. The SP said that BDO Koda is a member of the guerrilla squad of the Naxalite organization. He uses SLR weapon. On 2 February 2022, a police-Naxal encounter took place in the Naxal-affected area of ​​Piribazar police station area. In this, two Naxalites, Virendra Koda, resident of Mushari Tand under Barhat police station of Jamui district and Jagdish Koda, resident of Hadahdia village of Piribazar police station area were killed. In this, the BDO whip had escaped.

Deepak kidnapping case

On October 2021, Deepak, son of dealer Bhagwat Mahto, resident of Chaukhra village of Piri Bazar police station area of ​​Lakhisarai was kidnapped. In this case too, the Naxalites had an encounter with the police. A Naxalite named Pramod Koda was killed in this. After taking the levy, the Naxalites had released the dealer's son. BDO Koda played the main role in this action. On 23 December 2021, the Naxalites took away the head of Azimganj Panchayat Parmanand Tudu from his house and killed him by slitting his throat at Mathura village of Ladaiyatand police station area. BDO Koda had a major role in this. Apart from this, he had carried out many big Naxalite incidents.

Naxalites had promised five thousand salary

Munger. SP Jagunathreddy Jalareddy said that during interrogation, BDO Koda alias Karelal Koda has admitted his involvement in many incidents. He told during interrogation that earlier he used to provide food, water, gunpowder and other materials for the Naxalites. Later he became a member of the antidote squad and he started carrying out the incident. He told that he has been associated with the organization since 2010. In between, he left the organization and fled. Because he was told that he would get a salary of Rs 5000 per month, but till date not a single rupee has been paid.