Became costly to mess with Nokia Oppo and OnePlus smartphones were banned in this country

Pankaj Prasad
Nokia Oppo Dispute
Nokia Oppo Dispute

Nokia won in court and on the other hand Oppo and OnePlus were banned.

Nokia-Oppo Dispute: Nokia had filed a case against the Chinese smartphone company Oppo in the court a long time ago in the case of 4G/5G patent infringement. After listening to this matter for a long time, the court finally gave its verdict in favor of Nokia and also decided to ban the smartphones of Oppo and OnePlus.

Know the whole matter

Finnish smartphone company Nokia filed a lawsuit against Oppo in the year 2021, in which Nokia accused Oppo of infringing the patent. Nokia used to license other companies to use this patent. However, the validity of this license was not long and all companies have to renew their license from time to time to use this patent. In 2018, Nokia issued a similar license for Oppo. The validity of this license given by Nokia was valid only till 2021 and Oppo needed to renew this license again in 2021. But, Oppo did not consider it necessary to renew this license and kept using Nokia's patent without renewing the license. After this, Nokia presented this matter in front of the court.

What do the reports say?

If reports are to be believed, Oppo was accused of using Nokia's Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) and non-SEPs like UI/UX without a license. This case is from Germany. Germany's Mannheim Regional Court gave its verdict in favor of Nokia in the case of patent infringement and also ordered the ban of Oppo and OnePlus in Germany.