A plethora of flaws in Aligarh's Master Plan 2031, 575 objections raised, a flurry of questions on ADA

Pankaj Prasad
Aligarh Master Plan 2031
Aligarh Master Plan 2031

Objections were sought on the master plan from 6 June to 5 July.

 For the development of the city, the Aligarh Development Authority has prepared the Master Plan 2031. It is full of flaws. From June 6 to July 5, 570 objections have been registered. In this, such objections have come to the fore, which are putting a big question mark on the working style of ADA towards the construction of the master plan. For the planned development of Aligarh city, the Aligarh Development Authority prepared the third master plan 2031 for 10 years. From June 6 to July 5, objections were sought on the master plan, in which 570 objections were received. Many of the objections received are such that they are shocking.

RMPSU land visible residential

In the Master Plan 2031, the land of Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh State University, being built at Moosepur, Lodha, has been shown as proposed for residential land use, while this land should be community. An objection has been lodged by the ADA on this, so that this land can be shown as community in the master plan.

No residential near Transport Nagar

Regarding the transport city of Aligarh, an objection was also filed under the Master Plan 2031. The land around Transport Nagar has been proposed for transport, while the land around Transport Nagar should be residential. So that ADA can make a colony there.

Hotel land is shown as a park

In ADA's Master Plan 2031, an objection was submitted by a hotel located in Delhi, GT Road. In which it was said that the layout map of the hotel is approved by ADA, yet the land use park of that land has been shown in the master plan 2031. The ADA did not even take into account the maps passed to it while preparing the grand plan.

Land use agriculture of meat factory shown

There is a meat factory in Talaspur Khurd on Mathura Road in Aligarh, whose map was approved by the Aligarh Development Authority in 2009. Money was also deposited to change its land use, but in the master plan, its land use was shown as agriculture.

Commercial center shown to residential colony

An objection has been lodged with the ADA regarding a residential colony coming up in the Gandhi Park area of ​​Aligarh. It has been told in the objection that the district business center has been shown in the land use master plan of the residential colony.

Start hearing on objections

Aligarh Development Authority's Vice-Chairman Gaurang Rathi said that hearing has been started on 570 objections received. The public has expressed anger over sending the objections to Agra. The ADA says that the objections are going to Agra only for aggregation, but the hearing will be held in Aligarh only.