Hamid Ansari: BJP seeks reply on Pakistani journalist Nusrat Mirza's claim, Hamid Ansari clarified

Pankaj Prasad
Former Vice President Hamid Ansari
Former Vice President Hamid Ansari

BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia has sought clarification from former Vice President Hamid Ansari on the claim of Pakistani journalist Nusrat Mirza.

The BJP on Wednesday sought an explanation from former Vice President Hamid Ansari and the Congress over the claims of a Pakistani journalist Nusrat Mirza, in which journalist had said that he had traveled to India five times during the UPA government and gathered from here. Provided sensitive information to ISI, the intelligence agency of his country. Bharatiya Janata Party spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia also referred to Pakistani journalist Nusrat Mirza's alleged remarks that she had visited India at Ansari's invitation and also met him.

Hamid Ansari issued a statement, that clarified

Former Vice President Hamid Ansari has issued a statement on the claim of the meeting. He said in the statement that I have never called a Pakistani journalist nor have I ever met him. He alleged that this lie is being spread by the media and the BJP. On the claim that the meeting took place at the inauguration of the International Conference of Jurists held on 11 December 2010, he said that the guests are called by the Ministry of External Affairs on the advice of the government. At the same time, the guest list is prepared by the organizers during the conference.

The world appreciated my work: Ansari

In the statement, Ansari wrote that as the Vice President of India, it is the government's decision to invite foreign guests. At the same time, during my tenure as Ambassador of India to Iran, my work is in the knowledge of the government. He said that I am committed to the security of the country and keep myself away from such statements. I was also made a permanent member of India in the United Nations, where my work has been appreciated by the world.

BJP cited the video of the interview

Bhatia said in a press conference that the video of Mirza's interview that went viral on social media shows that he had attended a seminar organized in India on the issue of terrorism, which Ansari also addressed. Bhatia said, people of India are giving you so much respect and you are cheating the country. Isn't this treason? He said Mirza has claimed in an interview in Pakistan that Ansari had invited him to India five times during 2005-11 and shared highly sensitive and confidential information.