Not the economic crisis, the anger of the Buddhist monks ousted the President of Sri Lanka!

Pankaj Prasad
Buddhist monks
Buddhist monks

The movement in Sri Lanka is intensifying. Till now no one could understand how such a big movement was going on.

The anger of the influential Buddhist monks of Sri Lanka ousted President Gotabaya Rajapaksa from power. Buddhist monks started a fast unto death in Colombo on 7 July. Their only demand was that Gotabaya Rajapaksa should resign from the post of President, because he has proved to be a failure on many fronts. After this it was learned that not only the economic condition, but the anger of the Buddhist monks had ousted them from power.

How did such a huge flood land on the road

After the anger against the government last week, the anger of the people on the road was not like this. People were being prepared through social media to get ready for the demonstration and to gather near the President's residence Galle Face.

Buddhist monks reached Colombo Fort by walking 12 km

Buddhist monks reached Colombo Fort by walking 12 km from Watala. President Rajapaksa had been living here since April. Let us tell you that the common people surrounded the President's residence, then he had reached Colombo Fort. However, then the demonstration was stopped by the order of the court. According to the Sri Lankan website, at least 100 Buddhist monks were involved in the demonstration.

Despite the fuel crisis, Buddhist monks came from every corner of the country

Despite the fuel crisis in Sri Lanka, Buddhist monks from all corners of the country reached here and Ulapane Sumangala Thero addressed the crowd. He said that it is the responsibility of the sanyasis to keep their country safe. So don't try to stop us by showing the order of the court.

Buddhist monks supported Rajapaksa in the 2019 elections

Let us tell you that when elections were held in Sri Lanka in November 2019, thousands of Buddhist monks supported Rajapaksa. However, Rajapaksa did not live up to the country's expectations. The country's economy collapsed. 2.2 crore population is passing through difficult times. Due to the decrease in foreign exchange reserves, the prices of fuel, gas and kerosene started to skyrocket.

Analyst said - trying to sideline Muslims, Tamils

Political analysts point out that Buddhist monks have begun to capitalize on the discontent against Rajapaksa in order to sideline minority Muslims and Tamils ​​in Sri Lanka. Sumangala Thero said that despite coming from the Buddhist community, the President did not care for the Buddhist monks. Even the influential Buddhists were not taking cognizance of the letter written by the society.

This is just the beginning, and the protests will intensify

Sumangala Thero said that this is just the beginning. This number will increase rapidly in the coming days. He said that this fight has started to oust the President and this government from power. The protesting monks said that there was a fuel crisis going on. Children's education has come to a standstill. If this is the case, then our future generation will be illiterate.

The economy is going through the worst phase

Let us tell you that the economy of Sri Lanka is going through the worst phase ever. For this, the wrong economic policies of the Rajapaksa administration are being blamed. Currently, due to the foreign exchange crisis, the fuel crisis has arisen, Sri Lanka is facing the shortage of medicines and cooking gas. Many business establishments have closed. Many industries are on the verge of closure.

Demonstration going on for three months - 'Gota Go Home'

Demonstrations against the President 'Gota Go Home' are going on in Sri Lanka for three consecutive months. So far this movement is going on in a non-violent manner. However, experts believe that if these protests intensify, the movement could turn violent as the government is unable to provide any immediate solution to the people.