Alert regarding Sawan and Muharram in Bareilly, temples were turned into cantonment

Pankaj Prasad
UP Kanwar Yatra security
UP Kanwar Yatra security

Police security has been increased in the temples of Bareilly from today as soon as Sawan begins.

Today i.e. from July 14, the month of Sawan has started. The police administration in Bareilly has come on alert mode regarding Sawan. Police security has been increased in the temples of the city from today. Along with this, CCTVs have been installed on the roads passing through the temple and kanwar. Anarchists will be monitored with these CCTV cameras. Along with the police, arrangements have also been made for PAC and Para Military to handle the security arrangements.

The month of Muharram is also about to begin

The month of Muharram is also going to start with Sawan. Hindu and Muslim community processions come out in large numbers on both the festivals. Devotees of Hindu society come to the temples of the city with kanwar, then on Muharram the traditional processions of Takht and Ziyarat are taken out. Along with this, there is also the festival of Rakshabandhan. May peace prevail on these festivals. For this the administration and police officers are involved.

Section-144 will remain in force till September 5

SDM of all tehsils including SDM Dharmendra Singh of Sadar Tehsil of the city have implemented Section 144. Section 144 has been implemented in Bareilly from 8 August to 5 September 2022. Action will be taken against those violating section 144 under section 188. A copy of the order of section 144 has been put on the notice boards of all the Tehsil Headquarters, Development Block Office, Local Body Office and all the police stations.

These things will be banned in Bareilly

During the implementation of Section 144, programs like public meetings, processions, picketing demonstrations, processions, processions, processions, stories, kirtan and Jagran will not be held in any public place without permission. Unlicensed acid or any other substance which is explosive material. Can't collect it. Glass pieces, stones and loud crackers are also banned. No loudspeaker or any other loud music system will be played from 10 pm to 6 am in any case.

State employees will be allowed to carry guns and other weapons in the discharge of their duties. But, apart from this, no other person shall carry a gun, pistol, revolver, sword, thorn, ballam, knife and sharp-edged weapon in any public place or road. However, the weak people who walk with the help of a stick will be allowed to walk with a stick. Similarly, any kind of article, posters will not be put on the wall. Speech will also be banned, which can create the possibility of tension in the community.