On the arrival of Narendra Modi, a conspiracy was hatched to shake Patna, Parvez's strings related to Gandhi Maidan

Pankaj Prasad
Gandhi Maidan blast conspiracy
Gandhi Maidan blast conspiracy

The intelligence agencies of the country were in alert mode regarding the visit of the Prime Minister.

Athar Parvez and Jalaluddin, both arrested in Phulwari, had hatched a conspiracy to shake Patna at the time of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's arrival in Patna. The intelligence agencies of the country were in alert mode regarding the visit of the Prime Minister. These agencies came to know about this conspiracy in time. On the input of IB, the local police became active and arrested the conspirators Parvez and Jalaluddin.

Parvez's connection with Gandhi Maidan bomb blast in the past

The connection of Mohammad Athar Parvez is also being linked to the bomb blast during Narendra Modi's rally at Gandhi Maidan in the past. During the investigation, Patna Police found that Athar Parvez had a hand in getting the people involved in the bomb blast and other bomb blasts at Gandhi Maidan. Athar Parvez's involvement in terrorist activity has also come to the fore. The police is also probing their links with many countries including Pakistan. There is a possibility that the NIA may also investigate.

Was living in Gulistan locality for ten years

Athar Parvez, a former member of the radical organization SIMI, was living in the Gulistan locality of Phulwari Sharif for more than 10 years. He was also involved in various social activities. After the disclosure of his deeds, people here do not believe that Parvez was involved in anti-national activities. His neighbors and acquaintances are shocked. At the same time, retired inspector Mohammad Jalaluddin was also preparing to contest the municipal elections. A brother of Jalaluddin has been a ward councilor in the past.

Both were sent to Beur Jail in the night itself

Athar Parvez and Jalaluddin were sent to Beur Jail late on Wednesday night by the police, saving the eyes of their relatives, amidst tight security. Both have been kept in a special cell in the jail. Late in the evening, when the police called Jalaluddin to the police station and hurried away with him, the family members suspected that Jalaluddin had been arrested. The family was chasing the police. The police had taken the duo to Gardanibagh police station. His relatives also reached there. After this, the police took both of them out of there and, completing all the paperwork on the way, presented both of them in the court, from where both were sent to Beur Jail.