Boxer Death: Big accident in live match in Bangalore, boxer fell in ring on player's punch, died

Pankaj Prasad
Boxer died in ring
Boxer died in ring

During the match, Naveen hit a punch and Nikhil fell in the ring.

A major accident happened during a kick-boxing match in Bangalore. In the state level match, the player in front was killed by the punch of the boxer. Nikhil Suresh became a victim of the accident. During the live match, Nikhil fell in the ring on the punch of another player Naveen. He was taken to the hospital. There he died two days later. Police have registered a case against the accused player Naveen.

The tournament was held in Bangalore from July 9 to 10. The incident happened on 10 July. During the match, Naveen hit a punch and Nikhil fell in the ring. A lot of efforts were made to lift him, but he did not rise. Thereafter he was immediately taken to the hospital. There Nikhil remained in a coma for two days. Nikhil could not be saved and died.

Bengaluru Police has registered a case of negligence under Section 304A of the IPC against rival player Naveen and the organizer in this case. Nikhil's father is a karate player. The 23-year-old young player had at least achieved many big achievements. Nikhil's father accused the organizers of negligence. He says that if the son had got treatment on time, he would have been alive.

Nikhil's father said that this happened due to lack of ambulance and medical system. The organizer has fled from there after the incident. In this matter, the National Kick Boxing Association said that they have no relation with the organisers. Nikhil took training from Vikram of Mysore.