Cyber Crime: Chinese thugs used to collect huge amount by sending data of Indians, Delhi Police disclosed the gang

Pankaj Prasad
Cyber %E2%80%8B%E2%80%8BCrime
Cyber %E2%80%8B%E2%80%8BCrime

Delhi Police has unearthed a vicious gang that collected huge amount by making contact with Chinese thugs.

Cyber ​​Crime: Delhi Police has unearthed a vicious gang that collected huge amount by making contact with Chinese thugs. Outer district's Cyber ​​Police Station, exposing the matter, said that the gang members used to provide data of Indian citizens to Chinese thugs and in return they used to get huge amount. It was told that this entire game of fraud is being operated from Hong Kong.

These things recovered from the possession of the arrested accused

The team of Cyber ​​Police Station has identified the arrested members of the gang in this case as Ravi Kumar Pankaj, Javed Raza Ansari and Vikas Yadav. Four mobile phone devices, four SIM cards and seven check books used in the fraud have also been recovered from their possession. During the investigation, the police team found that a transaction of Rs 19.5 crore was done in a bank account of one of the accused in a single day. However, behind this fraud, King-Pin is operating from Hong Kong. Efforts are on to track down the IP address and nab the main culprit behind this cyber fraud.

woman had lodged complaint

According to police officials, a woman had lodged a complaint of fraud in the past. Told that he wanted some money, for which he had downloaded the app from a play store in the name of Magic Money app, from which took a loan of 65 thousand rupees and also paid it on time. Despite this, he started getting calls from the recovery agent. During this, he was threatened with payment using abusive language. After registering the case, the police took the app and the call details of the unknown phone from the woman and investigated. Based on the call details, other bank accounts linked to suspicious mobile numbers were traced and their transactions were analysed.

This thing came to the fore during the investigation

During the investigation, it has been found that there are many Chinese-run Play Store loan giving apps. They lend money instantly to anyone who downloads these applications for a period of seven days. After availing the loan, 25 per cent of the total amount is deducted as fee and if the balance is not paid within 7 days, then interest and penalty together with 200 per cent of the loan amount has to be repaid. Call centers operating from neighboring countries such as Nepal threaten victims to leak their personal data and make derogatory remarks to their contacts if the money is not paid.